Storage might be depressing, but it's ok on days like this.

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Help needed for the Waddananggu camp, Qld, Australia 

Please help the Waddananggu camp.

Today marks 272 days that they have been occupying their tribal lands across the road from the Adani coal mine. Recent floods in Queensland have meant they have lost a number of large tents, and crucial equipment has been damaged. There is also an ongoing need for food and medical supplies.

Donate here:

#IndigenousAustralians #Australia #MutualAid

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A reminder that Mastodon and the Fediverse do NOT use cryptocurrency, blockchains, NFTs, tokens, coins, mining, web3 or anything like that.

Masto and the Fedi run on traditional servers and use a sustainable network federation model somewhat similar to e-mail (that's why Fediverse addresses look similar to e-mail addresses).

Also a reminder there are no venture capital firms or other investors either. No one owns the network, each server is independent. Masto and Fedi server running costs are paid by their owners, sometimes with donations from users.

No one is getting rich from the Fediverse, it is all volunteers with some getting donations and a few getting modest grants from foundations. Please remember this when you interact with admins or developers.

(There might be some individual users who post about cryptocurrency/blockchain, but the infrastructure this place runs on doesn't use it at all.)

Tl:dr - Decentralisation does NOT mean cryptocurrency/blockchain


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Australia just had an election. Here are some photos from the polling station at Bondi Beach.

(Photo credit: Edwina Pickles for the Sydney Morning Herald)

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Today is Boomtime, the 69th day of Discord in the YOLD 3188 #ddate

I've been out of Australia for long enough now that they don't let me vote anymore, so the feeling of relief I have right now as I absorb the results of last night's election is a wonderful surprise. Hopefully Albonese can be kept to his word. He seems to be promising some great things - if they happen.

So I have a fediverse question. Does ones mastodon login carry iver to peertube or something like that? Or do I need to find an instance over there and sign up?

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You can get it gritting
You can get it shitting
You can get it lessing a prough
Matter of fact I've got it now

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The idea that "small web" means personal websites and nothing else is starting to bother me. Leave room for #communities. Forums with two dozen members. Wikis with half a dozen contributors.

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Hello Fediverse! πŸ‘‹ It's that time again! πŸš€ Intergalactic Wasabi Mix with me, snowdusk, will be livestreaming on #anonradio in about 3 minutes! Pls tune in! 2300-2400 UTC if your ears are free! πŸ“» 🎢

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Asking for a comrade: is there some way to underclock a raspberry pi 4B, inside a raspad? It is drawing 33Wh, and lasts only around 3 hours on battery.

We want to push this power/energy consumption down.

Much thanks in advance.

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What the fuck, a single bitcoin transaction uses like a 2 megawatt-hours? You could run an entire high speed train for like 100km with that amount of energy.

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Is there a good #Fediverse service for #events? It feels like a lot of orgs use facebook for this, it would be nice with an option for something different. I guess part of the issue is just adoption - the massive number of facebook users etc making it hard to migrate from there.

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enough with these terminal emulators. i want a terminal ostrichlator!

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"China is disrupting the global supply chain with their COVID-Zero policies" is a really weird way to say "How dare you stop making our stuff just because it might kill a few of you."

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If your community/organisation/company is interested, I am keen to give on-line talks about #FrugalComputing, aka Low Carbon and Sustainable Computing.

Example topics are:

Frugal computing
On the need for low-carbon and sustainable computing and the path towards zero-carbon computing.

How to reduce the carbon footprint of your digital lifestyle

Frugal computing: developer perspective
On the need for low-carbon and sustainable computing and what developers can do about it.

But happy to discuss specific topics in this area.

(boosts much appreciated!)


Today is an "ironic headache" day, since my doctor upped my migraine med dosage yesterday, I've been tired and headachey all day today.

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