On a nostalgia kick and playing some Sleeping Dogs on the PS3.

I forgot how intense some of these failed mission screens were! 😂😂😂

Jason Scott Lee as a 50 something y/o Dad swaying his hips to demonstrate Hula dancing is making me feel all kinds of confused...😍





Zuótiān wǒ hé yī pǐ mǎ tǎo lún yǔyán yuánlái shì shénme, shì hěn mái de qíngkuàng

Yesterday, a horse and I discussed what actually is a language. It was a very surreal situation.

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I was doodling new characters/Hanzi today during down time in class, just smushing radicals together and seeing what takes. I was rather enamoured with this one. So I gave it a meaning and a pronunciation! Seeing as yesterday was 420, the example sentence seemed quite apt. 😂

Thanks to my friend Liam by the way for the horse-specific measure word, 匹 pǐ. I had been using 只 zhǐ the general animal measure word up until now.😝

I doubt it will ever make Unicode but here's me🤞🤞

Don't know how consistent a practice this will be but I thought it was a fun little artsy journaling exercise to do.

14/04/2022 Thursday

木槿 mùjǐn Hibiscus (Hibiscus syriacus) - Starts out as red but turns blue when reacting with paper. I wonder why.

咖啡 kāfēi Coffee (Coffea arabica) - Lavazza Fine Ground. Produced in Brazil. Packed in Poland. Shipped to Australia. Welcome to Global Capitalism.

And for any nasty so-and-so's who are curious, no, I didn't take a picture. I threw the clog/whatever you want to call it straight into the trash.

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Basic adulting things discovered entirely too late in life #54728288:

I was in my late 20s when I finally found out that washing machines have lint traps that can be easily removed and cleaned. But then even after I found out, I put that knowledge in the deep recesses of my mind. 😂

Today, I suddenly remembered again after a few months and went to remove it for a clean. There was so much gross shit in there that I almost puked just looking at it. 😂😂😂

Food/Drug (maybe, possibly?): Paan (Betel Leaf wrap) 

@vidak took a video of me chewing on it with contorted facial expressions and it was as much of an ordeal as I made it look. 😂 I even broke out a little Auslan in the video, signing "Weird!".

It was pretty yuck. I'm glad I know what the experience is like but I don't think I'll try it again

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Food/Drug (maybe, possibly?): Paan (Betel Leaf wrap) 

Tried Mitha Paan (Betel Leaf wrap) with @vidak today and it wasn't a great experience. 😂 The taste and textures were rather unpleasant as were the after-effects. I feel quite hot and a little bit dizzy.

Why is this stuff so popular across huge swathes of South and South-east Asia? I don't get it.

It feels like it's almost preferable sometimes for there to be a gigantic fight where irrevocable insults are thrown at each other, like real nasty shit that had building up for a while. At least, you'd know the cause for the breakdown of a friendship.

It sucks to lose a friend. I should learn to cherish and savour them more.


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This was a fascinating and very difficult read. It stirred a lot of thoughts, feelings and memories I had not expected to access right at this moment.

It's sad and disturbing how some friendships just dissolve. Like there was no real dysfunction or build-up of animosities. You just get busy and slowly you lose contact with each other. It's no-one's fault, really.



I somehow avoided being pranked/fooled today (well technically yesterday now). That seems to a major accomplishment! 😂

"So what's your type?"

Ummm, I don't really know. Not a specific physical type. I guess someone who gets Stephen Chow movies? Might be a bit too much to ask for?

I mean, anyone who's not Chinese, Canto specifically, who can understand and enjoy the 冇厘頭 Mo Lei Tau genre is probably a real weirdo. 😂

But still, good for sitting for a bit after class to listen to music and relaxing.

🎶🎶 Album: Jazz Samba
Artists: Stan Getz and Charlie Byrd 🎶🎶

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I finally found some comfy cushioned armchairs on campus. You can't really sink into them but they're some of the better seating options on campus that I've come across since the tragic loss of Old Magical Soft Comfy Armchair.

Cons are that my current company is this creepy mannequin in mining hi-vis gear and the chairs are right in front of a staff toilet which, me being self-conscious, makes me worry that I'll look like a creepy perv if I sit here for too long.

The most satisfying thing to watch while baked. Man gets the car spotless! 😮😍


one of the easiest counterpoints to the "I don't hate Chinese people, just their government", is how readily shithead liberals will start spouting their inane "China bad" propaganda after literally any stimuli that mentions China

for example a news item mentioning that #FFXIV is getting a Chinese version, that's it, no policy discussions or anything, prompted a total meltdown in the replies of people parroting all the usual garbage

Is there a weirdly niche Chinese-American food spot in Perth where I could try a version? 😝

Does it already pretty much exist in Chinese Australian spots, just under a different name perhaps?

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