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My Family: "Heaven gained another angel today ❤ 👼😭"

Me in hell:

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god forbid if anyone ever admitted to not having all the answers, on the internet

‘Ahhh, about to have indoor sex were you?’

(Just got banned in the UK)

My favourite duo, Phil C and Phil B's (of Earth Wind And Fire) voices compliment each others so well. Not to mention Phil C drums in this. I really need to get the single

What if I told you, not every post on this decentralised hellsite has to lead back to capitalism?

Why do they make jelly beans with flavours that are vastly different and have little colour variation? The pack I was eating just now has 2 white ones: Coconut and Grapefruit and then there are yellow ones that vary very slightly but with one flavour being banana. I don't know why I bother, they take forever to eat with the occasional one that tastes like shit but is disguised. God, jelly beans annoy me.

bro if you fucking THINK about so much as BREATHING in the direction of the incredible, majestic, awe-inspiring saguaro cactus I will kick the absolute shit out of you

Might start doing weekly short stories, get the ol' creative juices flowing.

The car can pick what songs are on the radio, that’s real power


Can't we get a sort of Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline of recent human history, an edited-highlights-of-only-the-best-parts of the last 5 or so decades? I think that would really improve things.

But just make sure it's not an Ultimates.

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Can't beat some good ol' French Electronic music. Here's a wonderfully futuristic sounding piece by Jean-Michel Jarre

Jean-Michel Jarre - Oxygene, Pt. 4

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