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Thought I'd see what merchandise The Killers are doing whilst I was on there site.

15 quid well spent ahaha

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Its been 7 months since COVID-19 went global, its been hitting us hard. We got little to go on -- It's airborne and can survive on surfaces for days. Nobody -- nobody trusts anybody now and we're all very tired. Nothing else I can do, just wait.

I wish fan sites were still a big thing on the internet 😔

Pretty disappointed to find out that Pitbull's real name isn't something like Brian or James tbh, can you imagine?

Was looking into how to pop my ears since i was having trouble. Every picture tells a story.

I can't decide whether or not having that tingling sensation in your legs after you stand up for a bit is the best or worst feeling ngl

Smh, fixed my pivpn server just now and the speeds have gone from 110 down to always less than 10mbps down after this reinstall.

Not very happy, hoping it's my ISP having issues since they went down whilst I was configuring accounts 🤞

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