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Thought I'd see what merchandise The Killers are doing whilst I was on there site.

15 quid well spent ahaha

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Its been 7 months since COVID-19 went global, its been hitting us hard. We got little to go on -- It's airborne and can survive on surfaces for days. Nobody -- nobody trusts anybody now and we're all very tired. Nothing else I can do, just wait.

The The is just one of those bands that I heard for the first time and just immediately vibed with.

smh, I open gimp and I was sat here listening to Hot Chip about an hour later and it just opened. Any ideas what could be causing it? it's not an issue with other programs

*Tried reinstalling it
*It's a Windows 10 machine so I tried SFC and the offline virus scan

Aight, they need to cast Evan Peters as Quick Silver in a standalone Quick Silver film. Would be terrific

Going to try and be more active on here again, things just got in the way

I love this place. Built by an absolutely lovely man. It's exactly what I'd like my home to be.

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