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That was an excellent move by the company both in terms of casting and marketing

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CD Projekt Red: Hires Keanu

Every other company: “Wait, that’s illegal.”

Fortnite: We got a John Wick character

Cyberpunk: But we got John Wick himself

“The official reason given by Google for the removal of apps is that these apps can be used to access […] content which are dedicated to hate speech.” (hat tip to @Rigby_Koyaanisqatsi)

Somehow this doesn't motivate removal of other apps from Google's app store. What could explain this difference?

A better explanation, from @pluralistic:

“The more freedom you have to leave Google, the bigger a risk you pres­ent to Google.”

@Rigby_Koyaanisqatsi Risk mitigation.

“The more freedom you have to leave Google, the bigger a risk you pres­ent to Google. The more Google can lock you in, the lower the risk of your departure from the service – and the higher the risk that Google will cease to keep your business by making good products, and instead rely on retaining you because you can’t leave (or because leaving comes at a very high price).”

It is a bit sad though, from what I've read he had some pretty bad dysphoria issues.

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Ironic? Foreshadowing, I say. Pete had this planned out from the start.

So #Apple just announced their plan to kill general purpose computing.

They're switching to their own ARM-based SoCs and while I have no love for Intel or x86 in general, Apple's solution is designed to ensure you won't be able to run anything but #Apple signed images on the hardware you supposedly own.

Native #Linux? Forget it. But don't worry, you'll still be able to run it in a VM for those pesky containers you're using at work.

#Linux is going to be a permanent second stringer there.

Only #Apple can spin not giving you a charging cable in the box as being environmentally responsible.

Meta, violent suggestion 

You know, if you're going to keep cracking "Mastodon is crumbling" jokes, you might need a steel toe cap in the crotch.

Anyway, "what's the song that means the most to you?" You might know immediately, you might dwell on it for months like I did

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Update: Isopropyl alcohol helped the switch a bit but I think the issue now is mainly lubrication. Thankfully I purchased some Silicon lube, hopefully I'll get round to applying it soon. Bit of a pain applying it though, from what I've read I need to remove the outer casing by scratching it up (great design, thanks Corsair) and de-soldering the switches from the main board. I think I'll opt for a keyboard with hot swappable switches next time but this should be good experience.

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