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Stranger Things 3 - no spoilers 

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I just received a spam email that included the sentence "I want to meet a partner for some sparkling nighttimes of disorder" and now I've realized that's all anybody could ever really want.

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Ugh, it's Monday, and the first day back at work from two weeks leave.
I think this little Swamp Wallaby has a much better idea.

#photo #photography #CarnarvonGorge #Wallaby #Macropod
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Hi #artists and #designers, I need to hire someone to make a piece of reasonably bad art.

Specifically, I need a logo for a fictional non-profit that hunts Sasquatch.

Slightly cheesy preferred. Will also be looking for a business card design at some point.

I'm paying, DM me if you're interested.

Morrison #auspol 

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A stenciled hand print of one of the Bidjara or Karingbal people who held ceremonies in this part of the Carnarvon Gorge.

This particular spot has a wall some 60m or so long covered in the stories and inscriptions of these people from a time well before European settlement.

There is even a section showing the Rainbow Serpent creation story that many modern Australian children would know from school.

#photo #photography #Indigenous #Aboriginal #art #stencil #CarnarvonGorge
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Retro Night 

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Yellow Bellied Glider, taken during our Night Safari with Australian Nature Guides, at Carnarvon National Park.

#AustralianWildlife #photo #gif #Marsupial #Glider #possum

rainy mornings 

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Pretty-faced Wallaby with Joey in pouch, taken at Takarakka Bush Resort, Carnarvon Gorge, Queensland, Australia
#photo #photography #AustralianWildlife #Wallaby #Macropod

Let's try this again

I'm here looking for something different, something non commercial. A place where the quality of the connections you make is more important than the dollars they generate

I still use other social media as well. Mostly to stay connected with family and friends and stay up to date and involved in the debate

I hope it grows here

world cup 

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you can't actually call her a wife unless she comes from the wife region of france

Insiders #auspol 

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