Exposed ABC. No spoilers 

Watched part 1 last night and wow, powerful stuff. Very emotional

I'm sure I went on the Ghost Train as a very young child around 5 years before the fire. It all looked so familiar

Looking forward to finding out what actually happened, bring on parts 2 and 3

Ok. Thanks to Mike I've moved from my near stone age tablet to my phone

Let's see if I can toot a pic

This is from the Enlighten Festival in Canberra on the weekend

covid test - negative 

Nice quick turn-around

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covid test 

Nose started running at work today so I thought I should pull the pin, get out of there and get tested

Wasn't as dramatic as I expected, maybe they went shallower due to the runny nose

Got 2 bags of masks for free

If there's a positive result out of NSW today or tomorrow it could be me, very unlikely though

work - home vs office 

My first day back at the office since August

It was great seeing people again and being able to ask some questions in person to progress some work I needed to do

Apart from that, I'd stay home full time if I had the choice but no go I'm afraid. Have to go in 3 days per week until they the end of June when they figure out what to do next

#auspol IR 

Good to see Albo will be drawing some new lines on IR in his speech today

Taking on job insecurity

Will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Casualisation is a curse, labour hire a rort and the gig economy broken

#auspol Greens - publicly owned search engine 

When I first heard the idea I though it was a bit whacky but hearing more about it maybe it has merit

Would you use a publicly owned search engine?

Australia Day - language warning 

It's even more fucked up than normal this year

Morrison's both sides bullshit yesterday suggesting it wasn't a great day for those on ships either

And now

Margaret Court again FFS

It's 2021 and we're still going through all this shit

US politics 

Many waking up to watch the action at 4am, or earlier?

Oculus Quest 2 

My Christmas present to me, despite being owned by Facebook. I'm only easing into it but


I'm not a big fan of exercise but this is like exercising and having fun at the same time

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Covid, Sydney update 

Too late to confine it to the Northern Beaches now, people with Covid are very social types and get about

Only 28 in the cluster so far but it sounds like it will be quite a bit bigger tomorrow

Not ideal

Covid, Sydney Northern Beaches 

Cluster is up to 17, going into lock down

Not good

oculus quest 2 

I decided to get myself the oculus quest 2 for Christmas despite it being owned by Facebook and requiring an account

All I can say is


It's very impressive

I'm not big on games but wanted something that would get me moving more especially while I'm working from home. I think it will work

40 plus degree days 

2 in a row up here, not ideal especially as it only got down to around 24 overnight

It's not even summer yet

sick / carers leave for casuals #vicpol 

Interesting idea

There's definitely a problem there that needs addressing, will be interesting to see how it works out

I'm back, here's a dog 

Had a few days at my sister's farm, it's lovely there but the internet is terrible

Pic is one of their sheep dogs Suzy, she's getting on a bit but is still getting around pretty well. Very friendly

I won't bother trying to catch up, hopefully I didn't miss too much

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