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alentine's ay.

For those of us who will be getting neither the V nor the D today.

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After freezing rain in Michigan, apples that hadn’t been picked got coated in ice. Many fell off the tree. Some had their insides turn to mush as apples have lower freezing points. The mush and skin fell, leaving these “ghost apples.”

📷: Andrew Sietsema


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shall i compare thee to a summers day?

you are hot

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and the birds landing... I caught the last two bunches landing (hope I didn't overcompress this video like the previous one) I saw them al take off yesterday - 14 flocks (like the 2 landing here) came out of that hedge! #smallstories

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People are usually shocked when they find out I'm not a real electrician

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"A Fake Nude of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Was Debunked By Foot Fetishists"

A real headline

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wow, this is a new one

if you need my “personal data” to pay your staff then you need to find a more ethical fucking business model

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