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@pelagikat @Andrea @ben_hr You’ve probably seen this by now but ABC FactCheck says it’s totally bogus and nobody has stats on it:

Original source was the Huffington Post by way of a Queensland state minister 🙄

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With little debate and the support of the main opposition party, Australia has passed a law that will subvert Internet security and demolish user trust. What happens now?

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We went to the Jenolan Caves today and on the way back to the car, I spied a couple of Superb Lyrebirds (one male, one female). The male was making interesting noises (as the do). I followed them up into the bush and then came across this adorable Rock Wallaby.

#Photography #Photo #AustralianFauna

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All the outrage at #aabill seems to be happening over at birdsite, but it’s just occurred to me that the business that bought out my employer makes their bread and butter building secure payment systems, in Australia, that they’re trying to sell internationally. How they’re going to maintain customer confidence with crippled crypto beggars belief.

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"Liberal are far right and Labor are center right."
*Yells from the back* "Spoilers"

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The government is threatening to legislate our encryption away again, and I'm standing by what I wrote last time.

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Australia is about to destroy encryption with a bill they're ready to pass.

It's time to give the internet to the corporations and build community mesh networks.

#privacy #encryption #meshnetwork

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Melbourne are there any gardeners here looking for a part time job? I say part time but it's summer and it's busy season for gardens so likely longer hours. My housemate is looking for someone to help her. Not just for summer either. Ongoing arrangement.

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Not all Australian animals will kill you...

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