40 plus degree days 

2 in a row up here, not ideal especially as it only got down to around 24 overnight

It's not even summer yet

sick / carers leave for casuals #vicpol 

Interesting idea

There's definitely a problem there that needs addressing, will be interesting to see how it works out

I'm back, here's a dog 

Had a few days at my sister's farm, it's lovely there but the internet is terrible

Pic is one of their sheep dogs Suzy, she's getting on a bit but is still getting around pretty well. Very friendly

I won't bother trying to catch up, hopefully I didn't miss too much

4 Corners #auspol 

Will be interesting to see the fallout, my prediction is both survive

Potentially a reasonable outcome, hypocrisy isn't a sackable offence. Hopefully they get voted out next election although Barnaby didn't

I feel for the women who lose their careers over relationships that probably shouldn't happen

Yarra Council, Greens and Socialists 

First time I've tooted a link, hope it works

This is a great outcome and a massive opportunity for them to show it can work. Fingers crossed they get it correct (rather than right)

Australia's first Greens-dominated council elected in Yarra


US Pol - mention of Fox News 😲 

With the release of the latest numbers from Nevada pretty much locking it in for Biden and Fox News having called Arizona, correctly imo, will they be the first to call the election?

Follow up question, will Trump's head explode if they are ☺

ACT - Agreed Legislative Reform 

This folks is why we need to elect more Greens, what a great list

Queensland Election 

Lots of positives

One Nation vote halving

Palmer having no impact

Courier Mail being ignored

Labor winning


The Greens picking up another seat and building a base in Brisbane

ACT Election 

3 Greens so far

Looks like at least 4

Maybe 5

Dreaming of 6

What a great result

Gladys #nswpol 

2020 is a year full of surprises but I really didn't see this one coming

She has to go, only question is when imo

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#auspol recession 

7% is a huge drop

Interesting but sensible prople have stopped spending. The government's answer sounds like being to bring forward the tax cuts 🙄

wireless keyboard and mouse question 

Question for all you IT folk out there

I'm working from home now, have a work laptop that runs windows and my old laptop that runs Ubuntu

Work gave me a monitor to use but I need to get a keyboard. I'd like to be able to use both laptops and ideally not have to keep plugging in and unplugging things

So my question. Are wireless keyboards and mice any good? Do you think I could switch between the 2 laptops easily? I want to leave my laptop off to the side

#Auspol Victorian Liberals 

What a messed up bunch

A test of Morrison's leadership today, totally failing so far. "It's a matter for the Victorian Branch" ffs

Would love to see what the Indian Australian community down there thinks of it all

covid NZ, not good 

Very sad to hear NZ found 4 cases today after 102 days with no community transmission

Some right wing fuckwits cheering saying they said they couldn't eliminate it

Makes me wonder what it all means. Can it lay dormant? Definitely not good

Auckland back to stage 3 for 3 days

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