Baking in lockdown 

Figured I'd give it a go, supermarket only had 2 litre bottles of my usual milk and didn't want it to go to waste so made pannukakku which is a Finnish baked pancake

Not perfect but tastes good


First time visitor, well first time I've seen them

Covid Greater Sydney 

Ok folks, it's a "national emergency" send us all your vaccine...

Seriously though, surely the rollout should be done based on need and risk and it would make sense to combat what's happening up here

Although after everything Gladys has said and done, not done, I get why every other state would say no

Covid numbers 

Vic - 13
NSW - 109 (according to Tiktok Man)

I know where I'd rather be...

All non-urgent construction and maintenance is paused in Greater Sydney plus extra bits until the 30th. Big move. Will be interesting to see if the bathroom renovation downstairs that was driving me crazy last week stops

Covid here and there 

97 cases today and 2 more weeks of lockdown "at least"

8 cases in Melbourne, not ideal especially seeing where they've been

Stay safe folks 😷

Covid Greater Sydney 

The restrictions we should have had earlier?

We should have adopted what was done in Victoria last year leaving out the bad bits

10kms makes sense. 1 person shopping - good where possible

Should we have a curfew? Not sure

Ring of steel? Not sure either

I don't like they have sent the police out west

Why on earth are places like IKEA open?

The opposition being supportive of government and helping is great

Anyways, fingers crossed we can crush this thing

Covid, Greater Sydney 

Another week of lockdown...

Never sure with Gladys running the show but it's the right decision given the case numbers

Really feel for those who don't have reliability of income, kids to school at home, unstable or unsafe living arrangements, etc

Overall though, it is what it is

Covid NSW, Qld, NT and WA 

Not ideal 😷

A lockdown win 

Well technically just before it started but hopefully the first of many 🎉

Greater Sydney Lockdown 

Haven't heard of any cases on the Central Coast but we're included in the lockdown as well

Probably a smart move, it's likely we'll get some fallout here as well given how close we are

Hopefully 2 weeks does the trick and knocks this thing out of play

Auspol - Nats leadership 

Will be interesting to see how this plays out surely they can't just walk away again

My guess is Joyce is trying to clear the way for Littleproud

I should be sleeping...

Error 503 

No idea what that means but lots of sites apparently down e.g. Age, Guardian, BBC etc

Oculus Quest 2 

Had it for around 6 months now and am glad I got it although I've been a bit slack and haven't been doing the more active games as much as planned

My favourite so far is called The Final Overs which is a 20/20 cricket game where you face 20 overs. It's very good. Haven't been able to win yet though lol (well not at 20 overs)

Downloaded a 3d jigsaw puzzle thing today called Puzzling Places and wow, my brain hurts

Overall, very enjoyable


Got my first jab today at the GP surgery

Easy peasy, the advantage of being old lol i.e. over 50, sorry @mike


Debt and deficit disaster...

So frustrating after years of arguing how much they mattered it seems they don't anymore. Not that they ever did as much as they pretended

Good to see money being spent on important things like aged care, mental health, regional doctors and the like

On-going spending should be funded though. Use debt, which is super cheap, for infrastructure

Hoping Albo outlines some real vision in his reply

Gladys. Covid Greater Sydney 

I'm not a fan of Gladys in the first place but really hating the way she is bagging the approaches other states are taking when cases pop up. The 3 day lockdowns have worked. This might be our chance to see what happens if you don't do them

Fingers crossed just going with masks is enough

Have flipped my working from home day around confusion if they are to be worn at work or not

Big money in gaming 

Interesting 4 Corners tonight for the gamers out there

Looks at how the industry is making big money from micro purchases, loot boxes etc

Not really my thing but worth a look

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