pick up the nearest book to you, turn to page 45, the first sentence explains your love life 

@zigg She let the memory escape, and coughed and sat up, glancing to see if the drone had noticed.

@zigg Hi. Since you split your toots to two instances, I miss your personal posts. Your open-hearted, positive, and immensely kind toots were always a highlight of my fed experience. But now I can't follow you here so my world is a little less joyous.
Would it be possible for me to follow you here?

@esdin Jezebel looks a tad resentful for having to share the chair

@homosexualdalecooper@bofa.lol Congratulations!

@mike I've got a licence for ArcGIS so I might have a play with this.

@proudhon@anarchism.space And as for electronic music.... I've had dozens of people give be different labels for Autechre.

@proudhon@anarchism.space Joy As An Act Of Resistance is brilliant; even better than Brutalism, I reckon.

@proudhon@anarchism.space I bought the new Idles album yesterday and got told of by a friend for calling it Indie Rock. "Fuck off! It's Post-Punk. Geez, you're an idiot" 🤨
So, labels... I don't get 'em.

@proudhon@anarchism.space I also really like burial (and I don't really care about labels)

@Steve That is a brilliant show. It's a really simple concept but it's super interesting, and it's really generous and lovely with the subjects.

@cybercriminal ¿Porque no los dos? Build the cabin in the woods and retire to it to play video games. Win/win.

@smudgehell I still do that now: youtube-dl the video, pull the audio into Audacity, export as MP3. (Album artist is listed as "Piracy")

@Andrea @PaulfromOz What a brill idea; let's send them all to Manus or Nauru and bring all the refugees and asylum seekers here.

@PaulfromOz @Andrea Personally, I'd be happier if they completely demoted all the climate-denying dinosaur racist Trump-esque conservatives.

@Andrea @PaulfromOz Certainly not to me. But it sure throws into relief all the "we're soooo supportive of women" branding they've been trying to sell.

@PaulfromOz Someone online suggested yesterday's :bishop: 11 votes reveals an underlying inherent misogyny in the Libs.

@mike @cam@chinwag.im Come and join us on social.chinwag.org, it's where all the kewl kids are!


@mike @matt Oh I agree; JB is their only chance of success (SM and PD are definite losers, both electorally and as people, and as for TA - don't make me laugh!).
But I'm dubious that even JB would prevent their almost inevitable defeat.


@matt @mike I'd be surprised if JB took it. Yes, she's the least unlikeable but I don't know that she would want to lead the party to defeat. I reckon she's a shoo-in for leader of the opposition.

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