RE the store in Fed Square in , someone on birdsite pointed out that, since it's going to displace Koori Heritage Trust, it's a perfect analogy for colonialism+capitalism: foreign corporation invading public space to create a business replacing indigenous history.

@PaulMcEwan they claim they're moving it within the Square to a larger place, but I've only seen that mentioned after people started questioning it. Maybe that was the plan all along, maybe it's a last minute face-saving fix.

Either way, lost a lot of respect for Dan Andrews over this.

I reckon it'll be like the sculpture "Vault" (commonly called "Yellow Peril"): it'll probably be repeatedly moved from one site to another.

@PaulMcEwan what, you think our government might only allow space for native Australian culture to occupy as long as it doesn't conflict with making some bucks and move it along somewhere else when a better offer comes along?

That would be unprecedented!

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