Mastodon is so much better than Twitter because it’s decentralised and you can join any of the countless instances.

*All of Twitter joins*

@damonism can you “unjoin” an instance and join another instance instead?


@firstdogonthemoon Yep, I did it manually but early on so I only had to refollow a small number.
If you do, let your followers know and they'll refollow you on your new instance.
You can join multiple instances if you want.

@PaulMcEwan @firstdogonthemoon Most apps let you hop between your instance accounts. You can talk to anyone from anywhere.

The difference is in utility of smaller instances as a themed community where you might find companionable strangers, vs as a polyglot grand central station. In a big instance, the instance timeline isn’t of much value except as “oh look, thousands of people saying stuff in many languages”.

Which is also nice, obviously.

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