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Mermay got me inspired to sketch a mermaid myself. Kinda liked the sketch so I tried to clean it up a bit and give it some color. Not completely happy with the end result, but it was fun. ^^

#art #mastoart #sketch #sketchbook #digitalart #procreate #mermaid #mermay

I used to draw every day at lunch. When I couldn't sit down at a table any more, that mostly stopped. Hopefully after covid I'll be able to do it more often.

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The Dogs That Grew Wool and the People Who Love Them

"Indigenous communities in the Pacific Northwest bred little, fluffy white dogs that provided for them, both materially and spiritually."

Totoro shouts.
I hate markers. I think I'm giving up on them. I have much more control with colored pens.

I think someone on here posted about, and I was completely fascinated.

I was poking around listening to stations in the Outback and, long story short, I'm now obsessed with this funky little community radio station in Alice Springs:

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Attempt number two. In which I a probably butchering the Japanese language. #watercolor

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This is called a "roof snake". Also called referred to as a shingle nail puller among other roof-related terms. Watching the DIY version being made seems just so satisfying. One day, I should try to make my own

And then a baritone to fill out the harmonies:

Now there are a billion different versions floating around. I absolutely love it.

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I don't even have TikTok, but.....

You might have already seen the young Scotsman who recorded a bit of a sea shanty on TikTok, but you might not have seen what happened to it after. This is an example of the kind of awesome that the Internet is truly capable of.

Original TikTok video:


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Ryuzo - Ghost of Tsushima. I've been playing this game a lot, it's excellent.

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