Just watched "The Social Dilemma". Which should be required viewing in schools.

Blue Oyster Cult released a new album: "The Symbol Remains". It's quite good, and by that I mean it sounds like classic BOC.

And then I get the K.K. Slider version of "Fireflies". Odd.

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A track from the "Borderlands 3" soundtrack popped up on a 'Chill' playlist I was listening to, and it was truly surreal.

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I haven't been here long, but Mastodon seems pretty IT-centric.

Oh God, it's worse than I thought:

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I ordered a "nacho salad" for lunch.

This is not a nacho salad.

This is a platter of Nachos Deluxe with a few shreds of iceberg lettuce sprinkled on it. FFS.

uspol, domestic terrorists 

This is troubling. Members of a right-wing militia in the state of Michigan were actively planning to kidnap the Democrat Governor.

Read the article, it just gets crazier as it goes along.


Prompt: "Bar"

And with that I am officially 3 days behind. 😐

Trying to do my own version of an October drawing challenge. The prompt was "cave".

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