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I have a copy of 'The Shepherd's Crown' at home. It is half-read.

It is the last Discworld novel, and the last thing Terry Pratchett wrote, and I cannot bring myself to finish it.

We do things not because they are easy, but because we thought they were going to be easy.

So, I actually have an Etsy shop, although I try not to push it aggressively.

But! I'm adding my Four-Eyed Emu design to the shop, where it will join Ant in Sneakers and the Fairy Frogmother.

(If you like one of my designs but want it on another product, please just ask. And if you would like another of my drawings printed on something, let me know.)

I've been working on a surprise for my niece -- a dip pen portrait of her beloved dog, who passed away last year. I'm super happy with how it turned out.

I'm interested in playing Deep Rock Galactic with others, but my crippling social anxiety, coupled with some unpleasant past experiences, keeps me from just jumping in with strangers.

Anybody here looking for some casual DRG sessions on PlayStation? Would most likely have to be compatible with a west coast US schedule.

I drink a lot of carbonated water, unflavored, flavored but unsweetened, or slightly sweetened. The guilt of shipping water and its resulting environmental impact has finally convinced me to start carbonating my own.

So after some comparison shopping, I got a system from Soda Sense. It works pretty well so far.


If you make a point of announcing to everyone in a zoom call that you tend to talk too much and blather on forever, it's just your way of relinquishing any responsibility when you do just that. For the entire call.

For example, from late 2019:

"Sometimes my different drawing styles can come into conflict"

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I was going through my pre-pandemic drawings, and while my technique has improved some, the content has really gone downhill.

In particular, I think WHAT I was drawing back then was much more interesting than what I'm doing now. Maybe that's because I was drawing nearly every day. Maybe that's because I have my own business now. But honestly I think it's because I'm just trying too hard now. Trying to make ART instead of just drawing stuff.

I'm not quite sure how to fix it.

I recently met one of my neighbors in the little business complex where my office is. She seems super friendly ... and she's a massage therapist! And she works ~30 feet (9 m) away!

I'm a little giddy at the prospect of having semi-regular massages again. I sit at a desk all day and carry all my tension in my shoulders (just like everyone else).

Wading a few inches deeper into the Fediverse:

I'm in the process of moving my book lists from Goodreads to an instance of Bookwyrm.

Maybe if it isn't Goodreads I will actually use it. I always disliked that site.

Interesting take on location identification:

Find your 3 word address with

us politics 

I've been expecting to see the end of Roe v Wade since Mitch McConnell flagrantly stole Obama's Supreme Court seat. Watching the mouth-breathers that got put on the court after that didn't make me any more optimistic.

What people don't seem to realize is that there is no mechanism for reversing a Supreme Court Decision, short of another Supreme Court Decision or a constitutional amendment. Protest all you want, it will do fuck all and the GOP doesn't care.

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