with deep-dream cover art by Reverend Stang! this should be available for sale ANY DAY NOW.

yay! the EV-5 Expression pedal arrived! time to plug it in and test it.

> you sent the power supply connector to Laverton this morning, didn't you?

er, yes.

over 90 albums. good lord.


i'm only familiar with the album "Abu Nidal", but still, you have to admire that kind of energy.

Attn @Nikolai_Kingsley @mrc I think it's time we invited an AI into the band


You've been shot
And he's still alive
He's got his gun
She thinks he's an angel
He's moved on
He's got his car
She thinks he's an angel
But her friend sees the monster in him

> watching Raised by Wolves

yay, Ragnar is here! he'll find a peaceful and equitable solution to -

... it asked for an email address to send the confirmation code. any email address would do. it also asked the bare minimum of personal details which, frankly, some research could uncover. 24 hours later i was told "didn't provide enough details, please submit this form" which asked for exactly the same details as before.

gonna roll my eyes in disdain now.


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in creating an outlook.com account, i was told the password i'd made up wasn't long enough. so i made up a 20-character concoction of upper/lower case with some digits thrown in. i saved it in a text file (documents\dad_jokes_1993.eml, ensuring nobody will ever find it) because i don't trust firefox's password storage system any more. tried to log in again using that password, it didn't work. filled out the forms/solved the captcha to reset the password...

it's been a while since i've had to deal with bureaucracy.

new employment consultant: do you have an email address more representative of your name?

me: pffft, no

In Ardèche, France.
500 retoots and I'll post a selfie of me in the same spot.

(I know it'll never happen :D)

just got a letter from a company that claims they are leasing, or selling-on-a-purchase-plan, batteries for solar panels. the deal seems to be that the clients store solar power in the batteries and the company sells it back to the grid when it's needed.

still trying to establish how much of the revenue goes to us, or if we can use the batteries for our own power use. seems dodgy, though.

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