power supply for SE-70 arrives

110 volt

american plug

of course

About the SE-70... the dude at Jaycar tells me that 12 volt AC adapters exist, but they didn't have one that could deliver 1.5 amps, and, wow, that plug socket is big. bigger than anything they had.

he suggested desoldering the existing socket and replacing it with one that would fit a less irregular plug.

(Ziltoid voice) yessss... YESSS.. the SE-70 arrived from Japan (thank you, Mitsuru Shiraishi! あなたは救い主です!)... now all i need is a couple of extra leads.. a 12-volt power supply.. and aCR2032 lithium battery..

*burps* holy crap, what do they put in that Indian Pale ale? that burp smells like weed.

Heh. the moderators at Slashdot turned off the option to post as "Anonymous Coward" because of all the shitposting... and now 3/4 of the posts are ranting about "how dare they!"

at least there's a degree of accountability now.

power company is doing line maintenance, again. cutting off the power all day. again. it's freezing. aaaargh

just listening to Ween's album "Chocolate and Cheese", and it struck me how similar


sounds to "Tintinara".


trying to remember the name of that episode of "The Lexx" with Rutger Hauer... oh well, guess i'll have to watch them all.

Did I imagine it, or did Eastlink / Breeze have a toll payment app? And suddenly they don't?

(Local computer retailer)'s website has eight pages of monitors. They don't have any in stock.


just checked some support sites, and the netcomm n600 doesn't support fttc. poop.

iinet replaced the TP-Link modem that was giving me trouble.

this morning, the replacement started doing the same thing.

i am reasonably certain it's not a problem with my machine or cable, because the router DOES work if you reset it a few times.

gonna call them again on monday and ask if i can use the old Netcomm N600 instead. they supplied that when i was on ADSL, and it worked.

feeling kind of embarrassed for TP-link at this point.


be me
new router connected to NBN
turn on computer in the morning, won't connect to anything
reset router, it works
next day same
post about it on TP-link support site
24 hours later, suggested fix
(set DHCP lease renewal to "Permanent)"
looks like it's working

so, NBN now. that was remarkably painless - my ISP sent out a router/modem with my personal information already entered into it, including the account password. not sure if that's a good idea.

Axle Rubix from Karmapirates' "Dynamo" looks a lot like Mike.

what's up with that?

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