found the perfect phrase to describe the work environment.

"nine doesn't follow eight"

latest episode of Sandman includes "A Dream of a Thousand Cats"

digging netflix's Sandman so far.

wow, the Corinthian has *amazing* teeth 😁

Back in the '80s and early '90s there was this series of PC games I loved to death called the Star Fleet series.

Starting in 1984 with Star Fleet I: The War Begins!, these games took the classic "Star Trek" computer game whose heritage ran back to mainframe days and ramped it up to 11, adding tons of extra detail, strategy and game mechanics. They were insanely ambitious games for their time.

Which is why it's so exciting to see the original developer, Dr. Trevor Sorensen, pop up on GOG today announcing that he's bringing updated, bug-fixed, ready-to-run-on-modern-Windows versions of the Star Fleet games to GOG and, eventually, Steam.

The first release in that series will be a GOG release of Star Fleet 2, which never really found an audience on its original 1989 release because Sorensen's publisher, EA, insisted on pushing it out unfinished to get it on store shelves in time for Christmas. (Some things never change.)

Sorensen says the GOG release will include fixes for all those bugs that plagued version 1.0, along with some extra features for good measure. We'll know how successful he was when it actually drops, but it's exciting to see him even make the effort.

You can read more about Star Fleet 2 and the new 2.0 version at GOG here:

cool interview - uh - gods below, please don't tell me you use that font for the entire site!

> they do

if saving the environment is so important to my employers, why did they have us pick up trash in Sorrento? place is practically spotless.

did find a discarded iphone 4, though 😁

back of car full of pine needles after getting a christmas tree achievement unlocked. also the front of the car and my hair.

complete tax return
assessment says i'm getting some money back

they sent a check. a CHECK? what is this, 1973?

I've been playing about with this yeast mix that comes with enzymes to convert starch to sugar in it, intended for rice wine and the like, but I'm wondering if I should just dump some in corn starch and water and call the result non-Newtonian vodka.

The supermarket I go to plays popular music over their speaker. Today it was “Help Is On Its Way” by Little River Band. I make it a rule that when that song reaches those three beats of tacet (Haaang on!—), I freeze, and resume when the music does (—Help is on its way).

I don’t care if anyone saw me. I have standards.

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