complete tax return
assessment says i'm getting some money back

they sent a check. a CHECK? what is this, 1973?

I've been playing about with this yeast mix that comes with enzymes to convert starch to sugar in it, intended for rice wine and the like, but I'm wondering if I should just dump some in corn starch and water and call the result non-Newtonian vodka.

The supermarket I go to plays popular music over their speaker. Today it was “Help Is On Its Way” by Little River Band. I make it a rule that when that song reaches those three beats of tacet (Haaang on!—), I freeze, and resume when the music does (—Help is on its way).

I don’t care if anyone saw me. I have standards.

KFC aren't delivering tonight?

not that i eat that stuff.

WAT?! You're telling me there has been a team at Facebook designing and implementing this feature, and not one person has stood up and asked:

"Uhm, isn't that super creepy, even for us?"

need working class cred quickly? get a hi-vis vest, and one of these.

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