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me: wow, i feel like garbage. headache, sore eyes, dizziness -

brain: you had a flu booster shot literally half an hour ago.

me: when were you going to tell me?


i might give mastodon a rest for a few weeks, or at least until people shut up about the god damned Sonic film.

my idea: like Fantales, except instead of the lives of movie stars you get examples of command-line options for ffmpeg.

>see Libreoffice is on mastodon
>resist the urge to ask them if it can apply styles to anything smaller than a paragraph yet

somebody hold my hand, i just swore in a Slashdot post and i don't know what they're going to do about it.

Went to the RTA this morning to transfer ownership of a vehicle.. got there at about 11:30, and, my god, we were there for...

... about TEN MINUTES. they were quick, efficient and courteous. haha!

woke up at 7:00 and had to turn on my computer before i could work out if it was AM or PM

my phone was no help.

Kind of ZZ Top meets Rob Zombie out behind the barn (thanks to Rev.Dr. John Shirley for this recommendation).


mfw, relating to a thread on talk.bizarre, i discover there is no emoji for "anus":


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