i just watched "Battlefield:Earth" and while it was for the most part ludicrous, it wasn't anywhere near as bad as i remembered.

urbandictionary didn't publish "bh;dr".

"don't take it personally!"

yeah, right. i bet if it had been about some rapper's stupid twerking girlfriend they would have published it.

"bh;dr" has been submitted to urbandictionary. awaiting approval.

What’s that movie? 

Andrew Lund from 9 News Melbourne reports from :birdsite: :
“Lib Dem MLC David Limbrick is asking the Roads Minister “to right an historical injustice”, and change the name of Mordialloc Freeway to the TISM Mordialloc Freeway, in recognition of great Melbourne band TISM and their song the Mordialloc Road Duplicator”
(link: twitter.com/andrew_lund/status )

Also today: #TalesFromTheFediverse Volume 2 is out!
Featuring the works of
@david_a_webcomic (myself)
all in one book!
So come on in and check it out!
If you haven't read the first one yet, here's the link to that!
Once again, thanks to everyone who contributed and spread the word!
And as always, boosts are appreciated!

sometimes - you just happen across...

it gets a bit intense towards the end where she's smashing them into her sister's face.


chocomint ice

a holy treat
that takes you to heaven

why don't we create a political party~

only I can give you
a perfect love

i'm going to take you
to a bright future

so you wanted to be
this is war!
may mercy be on the believer
and punishment upon on the traitor

meat, obscure Ren and Stimpy reference 

my new quest: to locate something as good as Bundaberg Ginger Beer, but in a can.

preferably something that doesn't taste like vinegar.

Possible El Camino spoilers 

power supply for SE-70 arrives

110 volt

american plug

of course

About the SE-70... the dude at Jaycar tells me that 12 volt AC adapters exist, but they didn't have one that could deliver 1.5 amps, and, wow, that plug socket is big. bigger than anything they had.

he suggested desoldering the existing socket and replacing it with one that would fit a less irregular plug.

(Ziltoid voice) yessss... YESSS.. the SE-70 arrived from Japan (thank you, Mitsuru Shiraishi! あなたは救い主です!)... now all i need is a couple of extra leads.. a 12-volt power supply.. and aCR2032 lithium battery..

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