some mornings as you're waking up, stuff just floats into your mind from the distant past.


Peta Murphy, MP (Federal Member for Dunkley) "I am writing to offer my assistance as we continue to gain an understanding of COVID-19..."

Me (Super Kami Guru voice) "NAIIIILLLL... I have a bitch of an itch on my left ass cheek.."

there's a police helicopter circling over Carrum Downs.

... time to go for a walk!

mandatory death sentences for newsreaders who pronounce it "vunrubble"

... then i copied the resume to my android pad, which has a knobbled version of Word that DOES save as .docx... loaded the text in, saved it, copied it back to my pc and then uploaded it to the Centrelink portal.

i only have a few clues when it comes to computers, but i've met a lot of unemployed people with fewer. Arioch knows how they're dealing with this.

Microsoft Office 365 Personal is 99 dollars a year.

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when i was first confronted with a dialog box that said "we only accept .DOCX or .PDF", i panicked, signed into my microsoft account and used their ridiculously complicated cloud-based proto-word app to create a resume in that format. it was like building a ship in a bottle using pliers, wearing boxing gloves, and when I'd managed to save it locally, I couldn't actually read it to make sure they hadn't screwed up the formatting.

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After an 18 month holiday I decided to get back on the horse and register for Newstart. I haven't missed the crooked hoops they make you jump through, and I don't miss them now; the latest one being that you have to upload your resume AND cover letters (which change for each job you apply for) in either .DOCX format or .PDF.

Thank Yog-Sothoth that Openoffice exports to PDF, although why this, instead of a friggin' TEXT FILE is anyone's guess.

Misunderstood a news article and washed my toilet paper for 20 seconds. Now have several new problems.

i just openly criticised the Chinese government on Slashdot, so if you never hear from me again, you'll know why.

aaaah! google's reverse image search feature is down!

does that mean the google AI has faceblindness?

bucketin' down here right now. kind of wish i had bought at least one of the boats i tell people on facebook that i'd bought.

imagining if Werner Hertzog and Klaus Kinski had ever made a series of musical comedies together, like Crosby and Hope's "Road" movies.

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