Well the pinephone is here, I've also been feeling a sense of exciting dread. I wonder if the two are related? Is the ghost of a sadmin stirring within me?

But for you enthusiasts is there any compelling reason not to use postmarketos with sxmo? I've not used alpine before but arch+xmonad is my daily driver on my lappy and sometimes desktop. I don't really have the time to check out everything so I figured I'd just compare it and the arch build. Feedback?

@Naeva Oooh. Gonna be interested on your thoughts on Pinephone

@Quokka v. flattering :P I intend to daily drive it so I'll post some updates with how much it makes me hate my decisions

@Naeva I've been loving pmOS/SXMO for a while now. It's a pretty great lightweight system.

@kelbot have you tried arch? The container model of alpine seems* like it might be a better fit for phones, especially if there are some android softwares that you want to run on it too.

* I have never used containers and should be considered no more knowledgeable than a drunk in a pub

i tried just about every other combination, including pmOS+sxmo, which was okay except for package availability. Arch + i3 is what I usually run, so it feels familiar.

I honestly don't like almost any of the design decisions of sxmo; the button bindings, the menu system, hooks. It feels needlessly complex. The scripts and daemons for phone functionality are the main draw, for me. I do most things in terminal apps, and the keyboard is comfortable and customizable.

@psyklax Yeah fair enough, so far I'm a fan of the bindings but I'm still just setting it up.

I will say it does seem like maybe the keys aren't debounced or something? or the timing is just way too sensitive so I'm going to have to adjust that.

With you on terminal mainly, I used to run headless for a long time. Realistically most of my computing is like browser + emacs + ncmpcpp + neomutt. I'm a fan of universal interfaces and keyboards I guess /shrug

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