I find myself in the market for a bookmark or two. I would like them to have photopolymer holograms if possible but would settle for anything that will last a lifetime and not damage the book.

Can't seem to find good robust ones anymore. Just novelty or slathered in adds. Seems like books no longer come with nicely drawn arty bookmarks.

Anyone know of a place that sells good ones for non etsy prices? Metal or thin wood maybe?

holy shit you don't feel old till you look for something you still think is new and interesting and have to add "vintage" to the search term to find it.

So I finally got mausritter (mausritter.com/) to the table but alas looks like a oneshot for now as one player was quite unimpressed :'(

How can you possibly find mouse RPGs boring? Some mysteries are beyond our ken

I'm so queer even my corn is having gender issues.

It's actually the weather being fucked atm most like but hey.

Health, arthritis, advice seeking 

Broader context is caused by mutant freak with floppy unstable joints

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Health, arthritis, advice seeking 

So apparently manifesting arthritis in cmc joint for 30th bday gift.

Physio says give up gardening and video gaming for more than 30 minutes at a time/not a lot every day. I hear "stop doing the handful of things that give your life meaning" so it's not exactly viable.

Does anyone have advice about how to keep these activities or reducing other high stress activities? Like alternate input peripherals, assistive tools for gardening, techniques for resting hands

Imagine being able to "solve" problems like healthcare people. Oh you keep downloading malware and fucking stuff up? Have you tried just not doing that lol? The circuit breaker trips if you use the stove and while the fridge compressor is running? Just work around it honey. Your clothes don't fit anymore? It's so simple you just need to lose weight haha.

I accept we don't always have good answers but if the best thing you can say is "find another way" you are actually bad at your job.

Befriending magpies:

So got some locals that I want to make friends with as they bring their kids round and have been a bit wary so I want to nip any aggression in the bud.

Not gonna offer meat or worms, have read a bit about the dietary requirements and it seems that calcium and not much fat are the big ones. Was thinking a few spoonfuls lentil and oat porridge as an offering.

Does anyone know any compelling reasons why this would be bad? Or have alternate friend making strats?

mh whinging 

So I'm not sure how it is elsewhere atm but in the blue mountains we have basically autumn weather and lots of rain. I mean LOTS of rain, like maybe 20 out of the last 25 days raining.

Consequently, my brain is screaming at me to neck myself something that usually has lifted by now. Even said sod it and did some gardening in a raincoat to try get the stupid lump of fuck to release the happy chemical but it's being tighter than a nun's with the stuff.


I am going insane. We live in a world where like coal is being burned so machines can send and sort mail to each other that they can't read about enlarging organs they don't have and yet when you float the idea that maybe we could just like, I dunno, not do that people are like "WELL WHO WILL GROW THE FOOD THEN?"


Alright nerds: I have a diaphragm pump I'm using in conjunction with an aspirator pump to pull a vacuum and scrub the gas.

My diaphragm pump is waaaay more powerful than I need, so I need to choke it down. I can do the wasteful thing, and split the flow recycling the excess but if I want to control the output electronically (I assume it's a brushless DC motor) how do I do it the right way? PWM would create massive transients due to coils, so what's the enginerd way?


I have a love-hate relationship with my sense of smell. Sure it has benefits, like noticing that my wife was experiencing tooth decay early thus saving her some pain and us some money, on the other hand it leads to things like noticing whether someone is experiencing tooth decay.

This wild cockie just came right up to me, about 70 cm away. Haven't had that happen before, I wonder why?

I saw them looking down from the roof at me, so I stuck my head out for a look and they flew right down to check me out.

I don't know why I'm like this. I made an aldi trolley return bypass tool because the idea of someone trying to make me return a trolley for mere greed grated so much apparently buying a broken lock thing in eBay and pulling it apart was less painful.

But I always return trolleys anyway, infact I usually do a quick search for trolleys left by lazy shits anyway (motorcycle parking is not a return bay guys).

Why is it so necessary to me to be able to break rules I intend to follow?

Memories of raving by the girls carriage naked with a blue light

Finally had a board game weekend. Now I need a weekend from that :p!

Defs glad to have had a chance to socialise but damn forgot how introverted I actually am.

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Really fascinating read.

Unfreezing the ice age: the truth about humanity’s deep past | Anthropology | The Guardian

Now lockdown is over my aircon can get installed. Just in time to not use it for 10 months (I don't need cooling in summer)

For time spent largely bumming around lockdown wasn't very restful.

I reckon we need a national holiday at the end of all this. Like once every state hits like 80% or whatever we get a month of long weekends to get the restless ennui out of our systems.

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