When night are unexpectedly warm
My bread sags, I am forlorn.

CW: Spider 

Oh look a pain nugget! Right under the windowsill I grabbed

Making the switch to a trackball (elecom huge) to hopefully help with some injuries.

So far pretty good! It's surprising the muscle memory I retain from the era of beige plastics and ergonomics crazes.

One thing though the angle is wrong and like a mouse causes too much pronation. Need to find someone with a 3d printer to print a stand I design. Or maybe if I can get time on a library one somewhere

Australian news or essay/analysis companies that aren't just impotent outrage factories recommendations? I like a lot of what Schwartz media puts out, it tends to be considered and avoids reporting on the pointless random tragedy stuff. That's the only company I know that does aus specific writing though.

Just saw the funniest thing. Bloke sitting down looking nervous at restaurant, asks for recommendations from the staff.

Date arrives and he goes "what are you thinking I reckon $recommendedDishes look pretty good"

Absolutely lost my shit, that sits in the perfect comedy zone between smooth and insecure.

I resent this rain. My strawbs and tomatoes are suffering badly from leaf spot, I lost my bok choy to an aphid plague, new banksia seems to be suffering from something fungal, and I can't shovel the 4 odd cubic meters of mulch I got off the driveway (or I can but it's heavy and I'm a wus about working in the rain).

Anyone got tips for fighting the fungus in conditions like this?

So I've been reading a bunch of anthropology and history lately and this recurring theme of "here some people were peacefully* peacing and then an imperial nation state killed them all" keeps popping up and I have to say it's a real bummer.

*for values of peaceful from total pacifism to low grade conflicts not involving land appropriation and slave taking.

Woo yeah the garden bed kits arrived! Oh the one weekend, of the 6 since I ordered them, that it's going to be pouring rain.

To be honest I'm a little cross! On the plus side the rain should soften the ground making digging it level a bit easier.

Aimless political gripes 

Who do you think cops more flak:

Radio presenters who swear and don't censor it

Or people who sell guns to terrorist groups?

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Tom Lehrer has released his songs and lyrics into the public domain.


What a nice thing to do.

We can learn lots of useful lessons about life from sewing. For example if you make a mistake you can try to fix it, but you'll probably just make it more visible and it's best to just pretend it doesn't exist, push it to the back of your closet and carry on as if everything was a success.

If this is how the alleged 30s nest building phase is going to manifest itself I'm ok with that.

Lemon Myrtle (not optimistic in this climate), kangaroo paw, melaleuca, and for inside 3 syngos, 3 philos, and a rex begonia lest I feel too good about my plant caring skills.

You would think that a phobia of heights would get better after spending hours up on ladders house painting.

You would be vastly overestimating the kindness of my brain.

This is right shit, do any of you kind people have tips for mastery of phobias? I feel woozy standing on a chair, I can face my fear but I would rather not experience it.

Sharing this here as it is rare I come across people who know this exists let alone have looked at it:


Fair warning, the how it's made for your food isn't pretty but if it's good enough for your plate it should be good enough for your eyes.

We like to pretend farming in Australia is all just good clean fun, this project stands as testimony against that.

I put to you that if you call yourself an animal lover you ought to have a look her with an open mind.

Does anyone know if kidney weed and white clover will cohabitate as a lawn mix?

Thinking of sewing clover to start rehabilitating the lawn (compacted, nitrogen starved, mostly sand and regret) and if I could replace all the grass with something more water wise that also never needs a mow that would be pretty ace.

Fern propagation attempt the first! Will it work? Find out next episode on.... 4-6 months time

We know interrupting sleep is bad. Our specific implementation of daylight savings has a body count every year: smh.com.au/national/queensland

If we want to keep it it is time to write to your mp and propose an investigation into whether the shift can be implemented in smaller increments over a longer time (e.g. 15 minutes each week). In the age of IP clocks and NTP this is now feasible. We could literally save lives by trying.

It occurs to me that the primary refrain I encounter when talking with neoliberals is that of the Borg.

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