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trying a new brekkie out. Chickpea flour pancakes. proper name chilla.

pretty good actually, basically just a spiced bessan batter with whatever veggies. I reckon you could make a great savoury French toast with the batter too.

sorry, we're actually the largest.

I also want to point out that western Australia, with a filthy commie publicly owned grid is not fucked, and south Australia is less fucked despite being connected to the NEM because of renewable investment.

I am not one for revenge, like when I've been mugged I haven't spoken to cops because I think the ideology of punishment is fucked, but I want these fuckers to die screaming.

It's not a joke, they're threatening the lives of vulnerable people.

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second largest exporter of gas in the world in an "energy crisis".

capitalism is cool and normal. We should drag these profiteering dickwads by their feet over the desert.

white collar bullshit is more harmful than like all theft and robbery yet treated with kids gloves. there is no justification for profiteering.

winter is a bit of a shit cunt. Two bloom'n' degrees in my bedroom this morning.

at least with solar now the days are toasty

Whitehack wise class idea: conjugator

combine reagents to conjugate their properties with miracles like "conjugate element" "conjugate harm" etc.

reagent costs, low HP costs, chance of misfires reversing properties.

example: iron with shield to make "iron-shield" strengthen the shield, misfire makes a "shield-iron" a tool for getting the creases out of shields.

say hi to luna. an ex racer, sent to a shelter when no longer profitable. Hopefully she'll have a better time here.

No animals, human or otherwise, should be products. Most evil starts with treating people as things.

"we hand over this country in a stronger position than we left it"

For once scott I agree.

To my politically minded companions, or just those that appreciate some weapons grade snark, allow me to present:

Even if you're not in australia you'll probably get some laughs from this piece. It's beautifully written and, at least for me, an appreciated catharsis in a time where it seems like there's a large sanity gap between politics-as-reported-on vs politics-as-it-occurs.

Well the pinephone is here, I've also been feeling a sense of exciting dread. I wonder if the two are related? Is the ghost of a sadmin stirring within me?

But for you enthusiasts is there any compelling reason not to use postmarketos with sxmo? I've not used alpine before but arch+xmonad is my daily driver on my lappy and sometimes desktop. I don't really have the time to check out everything so I figured I'd just compare it and the arch build. Feedback?

Additionally, while there is some risk involved it's usually pretty decent value in decent growing conditions as there are no ~~rent seeking shitbag capitalists~~ middle men taking their slice.

It seems to me to be a very realistic model of farming, which is hard and we can't all grow our own food, that can be practised in the current hellworld we live in. for more info.

If you dream of softer worlds then this is something you might be able to practice today!


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Just announcing something I learned about recently.

There's this thing called Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) which is a mutalistic model of farming where a farmer raises money from the community for a season/year and the community gets a share of the produce every N weeks.

The idea being this effectively insures the farmer against bad seasons and allows them to follow more sustainable practices which in turn benefits the community by destroying less land.


So my phone is a mess and my hands don't work with touchscreens anymore so I got a pinephone and the keyboard case on the way.

If I've been using arch in anger for the last decade how much trouble am I going to have with this device?

Got another one to add to the list of classic blunders:

Never appear on hostile media as a representative of a movement when said media has specifically requested your presence.

I find myself in the market for a bookmark or two. I would like them to have photopolymer holograms if possible but would settle for anything that will last a lifetime and not damage the book.

Can't seem to find good robust ones anymore. Just novelty or slathered in adds. Seems like books no longer come with nicely drawn arty bookmarks.

Anyone know of a place that sells good ones for non etsy prices? Metal or thin wood maybe?

holy shit you don't feel old till you look for something you still think is new and interesting and have to add "vintage" to the search term to find it.

So I finally got mausritter ( to the table but alas looks like a oneshot for now as one player was quite unimpressed :'(

How can you possibly find mouse RPGs boring? Some mysteries are beyond our ken

I'm so queer even my corn is having gender issues.

It's actually the weather being fucked atm most like but hey.

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Broader context is caused by mutant freak with floppy unstable joints

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