Resistor colour code tattoo is done! Silver and gold are the first two as they can be thought of as -2 and -1 for the purposes of multipliers

So the dude was very confused haha, asked if I had any reference tattoos and all I could say was "I looked, but I dont think anyone is as crazy as I am"

Gave him some terrible cartoons, hopefully he'll draw something to match my half sleeve up!

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Welp snapped, resistor colour code tattoo consult today.

You'd think it would stick in my head after a couple of decades of playing with them but you'd be wrong.


Anyone have any experience in breaking rolling code key fobs?

Decided to clone my garage door clicker and aside from the obvious playback attack I'm not really sure how you'd go about extracting the secret from the hardware.

Captured a few radio packets, seems like a 4 btye code. Not game enough to open a 400 dollar fob with no clones on the market to see what chip is driving it. Any way to identify it?

Riding at night: fun
Riding in the rain: fun
Riding with luggage: bike handles like a shitty boat but ok
Riding in traffic: grumble fine

All together: holy shit I'm going to die.

1/10 do not recommend. That was fucking awful. Maybe if I took passengers more I wouldn't have found it so bad but holy shit tall luggage likes to drag you around in the wind.

Blerg, I need a drink but the bottlo closes at like 1800 here :p

Selfie, hair 

Just saw the Southampton company perform Comedy of Error at the pop up globe.

They're in Sydney till mid December, highly recommend a ticket. It's pretty cheap, especially the mosh which is like 20 bucks. My face hurts from smiling and laughing, it was absolutely brilliant.

Anyone recommend some good fantasy authors?

I've just finished the final fitz and the fool book and I need something to lift me out of post series longing. Was thinking about a black company reread but I'd prefer to read something I haven't before.

Past favourites (and recommendations for those who like reading):

Kingkiller, malazan, book of the new sun, fitz/liveship, broken empire, first law, obernywton, old kingdom, black company, and culture (pretends to be scifi, actually fantasy).

Also there's a beautiful orb weaver (I think) I can't identify in my garage. She's hiding right now, so I can't take a photo but I have called her Margaret and don't have the heart to kick her out.

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House! House-house! House house house house house house!

My neighbours are friendly! The library next door is awesome! There are birds in my backyard!

Suburbia, that thing I swore I'd never do as an angsty teen, seems to agree with me. I haven't felt this relaxed and happy in about 15 years.

I can smell forest on the air, I hear nothing but birds and wind and bees.

Omfg this is so awesome!

While frantically packing for the move tomorrow something curious occurs to me. Worry, or more generally anxiety, only fits in your head when it's already full of other things.

I wonder if this is somehow related to the neurological basis of the emotion. Like is anxiety somehow a side effect or misfiring of excessive systems propagating signals? Or perhaps some regulatory system breaking down and failing to regulate attention to appropriate levels?

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The local petrol station has embraced the Halloween theme.

The prices really freaked me out.

New house! Well rental.

The whole poly family is moving in together, I'm so excited. It'll be so much fun to share a house with all my partners!

Also the place is super nice and in the blue mountains which are my second favourite place in NSW.

Anyone live in the mountains have good advice on bush walks/mountain biking trails? I think I'll take it up again now I'll live next to the bush again.



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The @time account is the most useless thing I've seen anyone set up. A "time" without a time zone is pretty dumb.

Just know that if you created this, I think you are a terrible person.

I'm kinda sick of lacking pockets. How far out of the city do you think I have to move before I can get away with wearing a bandolier everywhere?

Or is that just a pipe dream.

Alternatively, anyone know a handbag company that makes durable ones with reasonable capacity? Most I've tried are stitched for looks rather than function.

I'd like to be able to carry a couple of books, first aid kit, rope, and a moderate tool kit. I'm tired of being jealous of my boyfriend >:(

Goes to hand in found wallet:

Cop: *interrogates me*

That was not how I imagined that would go. He did warm up after I expressed no interest in the contents if it was not claimed (which apparently you can do? Wtf? Finding something doesn't give you property rights over it).

Is it normal for police to be rude and abrupt when you're trying not to commit a crime? Most of my interactions have been on the other side of the law :/

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