The train yard is expanding to other rooms. We don't use those rooms for anything but storage, so I don't mind.

Found several new little baby tomatoes on my plants this morning and I'm particularly excited about the tomato sandwiches that are in my future!

Sometimes you just have to stop and smell the hostas.

All perennials I had planted here died this winter, so yesterday I cleaned out the bed, which was loaded with weeds. I think I'm just going to fill it up with rocks and then put annuals in pots that I can just dump out when the season is over with. Save myself a lot of work.

Non-vegan food 

Grilled a burger and made some French fries. Of course I am enjoying a beer with it.

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Honeysuckle is blooming and it smells glorious! It and fresh garden veggies are the only thing I like about summer.

My is looking nice this morning. I have a little baby squash.

I want to open up a store that sells footstools and call it The Ottoman Empire.

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