Homemade pancake mix. To make for easy prep and less storage in the camper

Trans Männer sind Männer.
Trans Frauen sind Frauen.
Nichtbinäre Menschen sind nichtbinär.
Und auf Twitter hätte ich jetzt gleich fünf Kommentare, die mir Chromosomen "erklären".

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Keep a couple of small toys or playdough handy. You can use them to exercie your hands and reduce stress

Consider unfollowing that person that always leaves you feeling worse about things.

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A new-old Atari BASIC book on 'zon. Used to have a much cheaper Kindle version but that seems to be no more.


Contains: Blood Alcohol Test, Beowulf versus Grendel, Oracle at Delphi, Ghost Town Vampire Girls…

I'm strongly tempted.

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I will never get why people floor the gas pedal and don't give up until they make some accident

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A:*conspiracy theory*
B:"From which site do you have your information?"
I:*sarcastic answer and even tagged it as one*
B:*thinks I'm a conspiracy theorist*
I:"It was a sarcastic answer to your question."
B:"In this case you should have tagged A."
Uhm... Yeah, that really makes sense to tag others than you talk to.

I'm glad that in these difficult times, as press freedom is constantly under threat, real journalists are still hard at work to bring us the facts we need to know.

"Dear person with a high risk of dying from COVID-19. Please support your local shop, stop isolating and also stop buying online. It's very important for them in these times!"
This is the most stupid thing I ever had to read. :blobsad: This sounds to me like:"Your life is worth nothing! The local shop is more important than your life!"
Since COVID-19 I really feel worthless, because of texts like this.

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