A:*conspiracy theory*
B:"From which site do you have your information?"
I:*sarcastic answer and even tagged it as one*
B:*thinks I'm a conspiracy theorist*
I:"It was a sarcastic answer to your question."
B:"In this case you should have tagged A."
Uhm... Yeah, that really makes sense to tag others than you talk to.

I'm glad that in these difficult times, as press freedom is constantly under threat, real journalists are still hard at work to bring us the facts we need to know.

"Dear person with a high risk of dying from COVID-19. Please support your local shop, stop isolating and also stop buying online. It's very important for them in these times!"
This is the most stupid thing I ever had to read. :blobsad: This sounds to me like:"Your life is worth nothing! The local shop is more important than your life!"
Since COVID-19 I really feel worthless, because of texts like this.



I just peeled an "Inspected by #5" sticker off my body. Am… am I a robot just placed here? How long has it been? What happens to the rejected instantiations?

Possibly it came off my new shirt. That's a comforting story I'll tell myself.

This is my favourite oak tree. It got gnarly limbs that hang like an awning and frame a window into eternity. #photography #mastoart

Once you get in bed with Trump, you just threw away anything you had resembling a moral compass. So for Graham to pressure Georgia to toss ballots really isn't a surprise, it's just Lindsey being his true self: corrupt, spineless, gutless and decidedly unpatriotic.

Democrats slam Sen. Lindsey Graham over ‘morally reprehensible’ phone call challenging Georgia mail-in ballots - washingtonpost.com/nation/2020

Summer wasn't that bad, time was flying fast. Now it's getting colder and darker and my mind thinks:"Oh, 9pm! Soon you will go to bed." Problem is it's just 6pm then. Feels like an hour, but then it's just 6:15pm and so on.
I just want this vaccine so bad... I can go outside again, see and meet other people. 8.5 months of self-isolation are exhausting.

I remember one time, when I was a teenager, there was some weird power fluctuation in the house and my grandfather blamed my Commodore 64 because "that thing has gotten into the wiring!"

It's probably for the best that he never had to cope with the idea of Google.

Also, ever since then I've been vaguely terrified that one day technology will pass completely beyond my comprehension like it did with him.

Today's kitten status: still a bit nervous about me getting too close, but definitely more relaxed when I'm around. She'll watch me moving about and even close her eyes as long as she knows I'm maintaining a respectful distance.

She loves being on rooftops, luckily there are many around.

She's eating well and doing some more confident jumps around the shed. Still a bit uncertain about her abilities to land though.

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Is it still possible to connect to the internet using an 80s computer?

And could you access the web on an 80s computer?


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