@pixouls I have a lot of ways to make coffee here: serious espresso machine, aeropress, french press, etc. When the espresso machine is not an option (power outage, etc) it’s the moka pot I go for. It is possible to make very bad coffee in a moka pot, but also possible to make a great cup of coffee! I like that it is a low-tech traditional thing.

@ojack @pixouls If you have the traditional style of moka pot, yes. Though you can also get an electric moka pot, which has a heating element base that plugs in to your wall outlet.

@pixouls I see lots of good suggestions here, but nobody has mentioned the moka pot, so I’ll add that for your consideration.


Last summer we had no bee balm blooming here - it seems I killed off the plants with neglect. I’ve been sorry about this, and looking for the particular variety I had and loved. Nowhere to be found.

But today, a garden catalog arrived and THERE THEY ARE! Very happy about this. Will order more plants than I need, and resolve to take good care of them.

@t54r4n1 Oh yes, I just saw that. It was posted by @ sunflower@mastodon.art.

@cosullivan Well, I saw numerous alerts in my RSS feeds, but that is probably not what you are asking about. 🙂

I don’t get cell phone alerts for anything. I’ve managed to disable all of those.

Have you ever worked with an online fitness trainer? By this I mean a fitness trainer who assesses your needs and goals, designs a program for you, and works with you as you do the program. But all remotely.

If you’ve done that, I would love to hear about it.

Every day I walk with the dog in a vast wilderness area. I walk on the trails, but he romps into the surrounding forest and then loops back to meet me.

Today he got a bit of tree sap stuck in his fur, so now he is a moving air freshener.

@mootParadox Every time I crack an egg, the dog is right there begging for one!

Maybe you’ve heard the mealtime grace that begins with “For what we are about to receive, may the Lord make us truly thankful.”

I am convinced that my dog’s version of this would begin “For what I am about to receive IT IS NOT ENOUGH!”

This boy could eat all the dinners. Mine, yours, his, and everybody’s.

@bignose Thanks so much! I have a NextCloud account, but hadn’t thought of using it. I also have a bunch of websites, but wondered if there was some lazier option. :-) And I also like to keep up on things I can recommend to friends who don’t mess with websites.

Suppose you need to upload a video so that a friend can see it. Yet you want only your friend to be able to view the video, and you want to use a service that is non-evil and will respect your privacy.

What video-hosting options would be appropriate?

Here is a feature I would love to see in email software: if the user puts numerous addresses in the “to” or “cc” fields, the program would say “hey! If you do this, all recipients will be able to see the email addresses of all other recipients! Is this what you mean to do?”

It should be a feature that the user can turn off, but could be on by default.

And maybe that would prevent my dear friends from exposing my email address to hundreds of their friends. Sigh.

@alx Oh thank you! I go to Bristol now and again, and might even make it back to Brighton.

@varve Yes. There are a few co-ops that have vanished, to my sorrow. I liked Isadora’s Restaurant, and it’s hard to believe that MEC is now privately owned. The East End Food Co-op still exists, though!

@varve Wow, I didn’t know their products are in grocery stores now! They have been around for a long time, and were just a Commercial Drive thing for … decades, I think. I once asked the guy behind the till if I could buy a little bit of sourdough starter. He said no, but gave me some for free.

I just did a bit of web searching now, and found this:


So it looks like they are not a co-op anymore, alas.

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