This photo is from my morning dog walk - usually, that is a forest road. Today it is more like a forest lake! Getting through the flooded bits was inconvenient, but fun.

We are the lucky ones.

Oh let’s go this way, I thought, right through the forest, where there is no trail. How hard can it be? We’ll come out on that other trail I know.

And this is why my feet are wet.

This jelly mushroom has popped up recently throughout the forest here. It’s probably witches’ butter (tremella mesenterica?) but might be some similar orange jelly, I suppose.

The sign in the wilderness park says No Building New Trails!

Every time I find one of these signs I look around and think, well, where is the trail they are trying to discourage me from exploring? I always find a lovely old logging road, or a trail some cyclists have built. So the signs are useful, but not in the way The Authorities think they are useful.

We arrived at the beach to find that a prime playmate (for the dog) had already run along the sand and gone home. Such sorrow. But we saw seals and cormorants, and seagulls came to taunt and be chased.

Citizen Zoo is going to release beavers in London, England. From the Guardian: “ Rewilding campaigners laud beavers as a “keystone species”, meaning they are a harbinger of biodiversity and a sign of a healthy natural environment ”

There’s more here at Citizen Zoo:

Years ago I saw a poster that said “Find a place that makes you happy, and go there.” So I did, and here we are in the forest. This trail is one of my favourites.

“Bikes, bears, and biologists: can mountain biking exist with nature?”

This is an article from a Vancouver Island (BC, Canada) publication, but I imagine the issues are the same elsewhere.

A generation ago, these woods were logged. The forest has regrown since, but every once in a while I find an old logging road like this in the middle of nowhere.

Alder trees help me find these roads; they are quick to re-grow after logging. I’ve learned to investigate when I see a certain pattern of alder tree growth in the distance.

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