Just back from the forest. You know what’s fun? Playing hide and seek with the dog. I wait until he’s not looking, then duck behind a tree or something. He notices I’m missing, and races back to find me. (And gets a treat when he does.)

I think it’s good for him to believe that his human is unreliable, likely to get lost, and in need of his close supervision.

When Mr Dog is done with his marrow bone, he takes it out into the wild part of the back yard and hides it. If I follow him, or if he catches me watching him, he grabs the bone and goes off to bury it somewhere else. He will repeat this as many times as necessary, because the hiding spot must be known only to him.

If you drink seawater today, you will have a distressing gastrointestinal event tomorrow. I wish I could get Mr Dog to understand this.

What to do with Mr Dog on a sweltering hot day? I filled a plastic storage container with water, and dropped treats in it. We had much fun! He began by gobbling up the floating treats, but soon moved on to the squares of cheese, which sink. Over the space of 20 minutes or so he taught himself how to go after those underwater treats, and even learned to blow bubbles, presumably to keep the water from going up his nose.

Our newly-adopted dog is wary of men. But one kind of man can be trusted immediately: a man with a dog. A man with a dog is recommended by his dog, and can therefore be trusted.

It occurred to me that my dog wants to pull like he’s on an Iditarod team.

I went to the Iditarod website. He looks so much like the dogs shown there!


Stray Dogs Master Complex Moscow Subway System

"In Moscow there are all sorts of stray dogs, but... there are no stupid dogs," Dr. Andrey Poyarkov, a biologist who has studied Moscow's strays for 30 years, told ABC News."


Covid-sniffing dogs! 


Are covid-sniffing dogs the new tool in helping detect the virus?

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