Sometimes I need to learn how to do a thing, so I search online for a tutorial. I’m so pleased when I can find a text-based tutorial. You know: words on a web page with helpful photos or diagrams. Instead of yet another time-sucking video.

@KolokokoBird advertising kills every medium in colonises.

Advertising killed the door knock, advertising killed letters, advertising killed phone calls, advertising killed emails, advertising is killing texts and social media, advertising killed turtorials and guides.

It's frustrating as hell

@KolokokoBird clarity to first post. If you want compensation videos pay, forum posts or text documents don't.

@Naeva Ah, good point. I suppose that is why we are being over-run with absurd videos - videos that could easily be replaced be a couple of paragraphs of text!

@KolokokoBird changes to the reward per time watched a few years back also led to the demise of the quick video guides (along with animations, skits and so on) in favour of the drawn out garbage now

@Naeva That explains so much! Thank you. I thought the world had become stupider - and it has, in a way, but not in the way I thought.

@Naeva You are exactly right, and it is indeed frustrating. Advertising is one of the things I hate very much.

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