Do you know of any charities that do not use commercial social media? I would find it refreshing to hear of some.


Don't use it at all or does actually engage on non-commercial social media?

Because I think I've seen @fsfe interact respond to people, but I think they all need to go where people are at to try and talk up why one should care about them.

Maybe @torproject @conservancy but i'm not sure after double checking.

@alienghic I’m looking for charities / organizations that don’t have accounts on commercial social media platforms.

cc:@fsfe @torproject @conservancy


yeah I think unfortunately they'll still need to go to the commercial networks because they basically need to be advertising to as many people as they can about what they're doing to try and drive donations.

@alienghic Yes, I understand this. What I’m looking around for, though, is some organization that has chosen a different approach.

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