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I was on a large Mastodon instance for a long time, until it vanished. Just *poof!* gone without a trace. No idea what happened, but that left me homeless on the Fediverse.

Now I’m like a hermit crab, considering shells of various sizes to see what might be the best fit for me. This instance, or that one? I’ve figured out that I want a friendly and well-moderated community, and one that doesn’t have advertising. I, um, think I might have found the right place here at Chinwag Social. Maybe?

If you drink seawater today, you will have a distressing gastrointestinal event tomorrow. I wish I could get Mr Dog to understand this.

An online publication I read and like has advertisements, but they also want me to subscribe. Huh? Sweeties, you can do one or the other, but there is no way I am going to pay for something that tries to serve me adverts.

What happens in the brain when people make music together?

Well! This is fascinating for anybody interested in , , the , , etc

(Your kind of thing, @lauraritchie ?)

The Curious Case of “Herlock Sholmès”

“ When the creators of Lupin and Sherlock got into a copyright dispute, the solution was as inelegant as it was hilarious.”

How many steps is it from “no dogs on the bed” to “I wake up with my dog’s head on my chest as he snores sweetly?” It turns out that it is not so many.

Years ago I saw a poster that said “Find a place that makes you happy, and go there.” So I did, and here we are in the forest. This trail is one of my favourites.

“Bikes, bears, and biologists: can mountain biking exist with nature?”

This is an article from a Vancouver Island (BC, Canada) publication, but I imagine the issues are the same elsewhere.

Are any of you using to create group calendars?

I’m looking at the directions here:

But I don’t seem to have the options that the writer thinks I should have. Maybe it will only work if I run my own installation of Nextcloud? But that seems like a pain. Sigh.

Kew Gardens says “The first women gardeners were appointed in 1896.” Info about them is here:

Lady gardeners of the 19th & 20th century

I’m sitting outside on the (covered) porch, in the rain, reading, drinking tea, and keeping the dog company as he gnaws at his dinner. This is the life, I tell you. I love the rain.

If you walk in the here (west coast of Canada), you’ll notice cedar trees that are missing a section of bark. It often looks as if part of the tree is naked in a triangular section that comes up from the base of the tree.

What’s happened is that First Nations people harvested bark from the tree, probably a long time ago.

Wikipedia explains:

I was surprised to find this tree while bushcrashing. The bark has been harvested quite recently!

Do you know of any charities that do not use commercial social media? I would find it refreshing to hear of some.

Every year I think, oh look! More salmonberry plants. I’ll cut them back, but first I’ll let them produce berries, which I’ll eat. And almost every year, the birds get there first and eat every single berry. I should just give up.

But! This year I was allowed to have one berry, and this is it.

What to do with Mr Dog on a sweltering hot day? I filled a plastic storage container with water, and dropped treats in it. We had much fun! He began by gobbling up the floating treats, but soon moved on to the squares of cheese, which sink. Over the space of 20 minutes or so he taught himself how to go after those underwater treats, and even learned to blow bubbles, presumably to keep the water from going up his nose.

An old friend died. I’m reminded of the greatest gift he gave me. Any time I would talk about something I wanted to do one day, he would say “when? Why not now? What would it take to make that happen?” So now when a dream or goal comes to mind, I think “If not now, when?”

Summer came overnight, and now we’re into a spell of hot sunny weather. I’ll have to get out early each day now to walk the dog in the cool of morning.

If the house doesn’t cool down some by bedtime, I’ll sleep outside tonight. Do you ever do that?

Today in the garden, this is blooming. It’s a Prince of Orange oriental poppy.


Keeping chickens sounds like rather a hassle, which is too bad. In a typical day I eat 2 whole eggs and six egg yolks, so it would be super to have my own supply of eggs.

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