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I was on a large Mastodon instance for a long time, until it vanished. Just *poof!* gone without a trace. No idea what happened, but that left me homeless on the Fediverse.

Now I’m like a hermit crab, considering shells of various sizes to see what might be the best fit for me. This instance, or that one? I’ve figured out that I want a friendly and well-moderated community, and one that doesn’t have advertising. I, um, think I might have found the right place here at Chinwag Social. Maybe?

A while ago a friend summarized my dog’s approach to life: Mr Dog thinks today is the Best Day Ever! This is the Best Walk Ever! And so on.

I am trying, as much as possible, to adopt this attitude. If my can be this happy all the time, surely I can learn from him.

So good morning, Mastodon friends. This is the Best Day Ever!

Today Mr Dog peed on a friend’s leg. While hilarious, we just can’t have him doing this to people. Fortunately the victim laughed, this time.

I have been idly wondering how it is that I fail at tying my shoelaces so often. They come undone almost every day now.

Today I caught my untying them. Turns out that this is his secret hobby.

I met a wolf the other day. She was staying in the hotel room below mine!

The sign in the wilderness park says No Building New Trails!

Every time I find one of these signs I look around and think, well, where is the trail they are trying to discourage me from exploring? I always find a lovely old logging road, or a trail some cyclists have built. So the signs are useful, but not in the way The Authorities think they are useful.

This silent book club idea is promising. Does it seem like your kind of thing?

Is there anyone in Canada who would be interested in helping to set up an instance of Mobilizon?

Mobilizon is for managing events. It’s free-libre, and federated.

My interest in this? I’d like to help the fediverse grow, and provide a useful service. I’d need help with some geeky things, like installation and whatnot.


“In these _____ times” is a phrase I’m tired of. In these unprecedented times. In these troubling times. In these distressing times. In these alarming times.

Maybe I’ll create some email filters to block every variant I can think of.

Sometimes I need to learn how to do a thing, so I search online for a tutorial. I’m so pleased when I can find a text-based tutorial. You know: words on a web page with helpful photos or diagrams. Instead of yet another time-sucking video.

From The Register: ProtonMail deletes 'we don't log your IP' boast from website after French climate activist reportedly arrested

That’s rather depressing.


We arrived at the beach to find that a prime playmate (for the dog) had already run along the sand and gone home. Such sorrow. But we saw seals and cormorants, and seagulls came to taunt and be chased.

“Up until recently, 12-foot kale was a common sight on the island of Jersey. Dotted throughout the agricultural landscape, the plants dwarfed everything except for full-sized trees.”

Doesn’t that sound fun? I’m going to try growing this.


I bought a water bottle for the dog. One part of it flips up to be a bowl when it’s time for a drink.

The pamphlet that came with this thing proclaims “Less sundries, more fun journey!” Um, ok.

Years ago at the post office a man in line started chatting with me because of my scarf. As we waited for our turn to pick up packages, he mentioned that he is writing his own operating system. (!)

I wish I’d traded contact details with him and kept in touch. I think about that guy a lot.

I’ve been swimming in the sea every day for most of the summer; it helps make my world right.

I’ve recently learned that there is a term to describe the kind of swimming I like to do, outside and in natural places. It’s . Isn’t that evocative?

“ Right now, there is a good chance your phone is tracking your location -- even with GPS services turned off. (…) For the first time, researchers have found a way to stop this privacy breach using existing cellular networks. The new system protects users' mobile privacy while providing normal mobile connectivity.”

We go to the beach quite often in the summer, and Mr Dog has learned to swim. Although he prefers to stay in shallow water, he will swim quite a ways to get to me if I’m out swimming. Does he think I need rescuing?

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