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I was on a large Mastodon instance for a long time, until it vanished. Just *poof!* gone without a trace. No idea what happened, but that left me homeless on the Fediverse.

Now I’m like a hermit crab, considering shells of various sizes to see what might be the best fit for me. This instance, or that one? I’ve figured out that I want a friendly and well-moderated community, and one that doesn’t have advertising. I, um, think I might have found the right place here at Chinwag Social. Maybe?

Stray Dogs Master Complex Moscow Subway System

"In Moscow there are all sorts of stray dogs, but... there are no stupid dogs," Dr. Andrey Poyarkov, a biologist who has studied Moscow's strays for 30 years, told ABC News."

New model could explain old cholesterol mystery

“The increase in blood cholesterol level as a result of more saturated fat in the diet may not be a sign of disease at all. On the contrary.”

Covid-sniffing dogs!

Are covid-sniffing dogs the new tool in helping detect the virus?

@eff I’m looking around for an organization that is kinda like you guys, but in Canada. Not turning up much. Do you happen to know of any Canadian groups that are fighting for privacy and digital rights?

A strange thing has happened: the sweet pea seeds I saved in the fall seem to have sprouted all on their own. (And then died, I guess.) I left them on indoor shelves, all spread out, which is what I’ve been doing with saved seeds for years. What the heck?


From Hakai: Great blue herons are seeking safety by nesting beside predatory eagles. Researchers call it the “mafia protection racket.”

The garden catalog arrived. I glance through it and see that everything within falls into one of these categories:

- I’ve already failed at growing that, so no.
- I’m great at growing that, so I already have some. So, no.
- I don’t eat that, so why would I grow it? No.
- It’s invasive! Can’t fool me. No.

But then I take a closer look and there are twelve plants that are calling my name, and don’t seem to fall into the categories above. Amazing.


Well, how annoying is this? If I take a university course online, I am now required to submit to online proctoring. That means granting some company access to my computer and webcam. No, no, no, a thousand times no.

Why an Alaskan hospital added reindeer pot pie and seal soup to its menu

“...patients and visitors choose between reindeer pot pie, smoked hooligan, birch sourdough biscuits with fireweed jelly, herring roe, salmon-belly or seal soup, and Eskimo ice cream (made with animal fat, fish oil, and berries).”

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