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I was on a large Mastodon instance for a long time, until it vanished. Just *poof!* gone without a trace. No idea what happened, but that left me homeless on the Fediverse.

Now I’m like a hermit crab, considering shells of various sizes to see what might be the best fit for me. This instance, or that one? I’ve figured out that I want a friendly and well-moderated community, and one that doesn’t have advertising. I, um, think I might have found the right place here at Chinwag Social. Maybe?

We go to the beach quite often in the summer, and Mr Dog has learned to swim. Although he prefers to stay in shallow water, he will swim quite a ways to get to me if I’m out swimming. Does he think I need rescuing?

When Mr Dog is done with his marrow bone, he takes it out into the wild part of the back yard and hides it. If I follow him, or if he catches me watching him, he grabs the bone and goes off to bury it somewhere else. He will repeat this as many times as necessary, because the hiding spot must be known only to him.

Every now and again I send a letter along the lines of: your lovely website doesn’t have an RSS feed. I wish it did because <reasons>. If you would add an RSS feed, I would become a reader of yours.

And do you know, I have decent success at this.

I think this is lavatera. It’s doing pretty well at the moment, considering that I am a negligent gardener.


I used to think our summers were hot, but then we had that heat wave with temperatures nearing 40 degrees C. Now we’re back to our normal, which seems so cool to me now. Perspective, you know? It’s all about perspective.

Citizen Zoo is going to release beavers in London, England. From the Guardian: “ Rewilding campaigners laud beavers as a “keystone species”, meaning they are a harbinger of biodiversity and a sign of a healthy natural environment ”

There’s more here at Citizen Zoo:

Is there some way to block all bots that re-post Twitter content? I don’t care if god almighty posted. If it was on posted on Twitter, I don’t want to see it.

Oh look, thimbleberries are ripening! So delicious. You’ll never see them in the store because they pretty much fall apart as soon as they are picked. But do try some if you spot them on the trail. They are native to the west coast of North America. I’m lucky to have some in my garden.


If you live in BC, Canada, and value privacy, here’s something you should know. From an advert in a BC newspaper:

“The Personal Information Protection Act governs the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information by private sector organizations. A parliamentary committee is reviewing this act and wants to hear what you think.”

Deadline for written input is July 30th. Let me know if you want more details.

How to garden in extreme heat: set forth with hose to water plants that will otherwise die. Then turn hose on self. Water self, thoroughly. Repeat as needed.

It is insanely hot here, but it’s pleasant to sit in the shade by the honeysuckle and the mockorange. I’ve been hanging out by the pool and eating huckleberries.

(The pool isn’t nearly as fancy as you might imagine. It’s a tiny little wading pool we got for the dog!)

We are in a stupid heat wave here, with temperatures forecast to go up to 37 degrees C. (98.6 F) That is a bad thing for so many reasons.

We got a little play pool for the dog. He keeps cool in there, bobbing for cheese treats I’ve lobbed in. And then he comes out of the pool, soaking wet, and shakes all over me. That is how I’m keeping cool.

So there I was in the forest, walking on a quiet trail, just me and the dog. A male voice said something. I thought “what ringtone is that? What have I forgotten to mute on my phone?”

It was a man on a mountain bike behind us. A real man with a real voice, not a ringtone one.

Maybe I have too much tech in my life.

I want a t-shirt that says:

Disregard that thing I just did. I am a competent adult!

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