I read his file. He was too lucky in his investments for it to be down to chance. I suspected that he’d travelled back in time to make it rich. So I’d gone back a decade to catch him, undercover.

We encounter each other on a crowded commuter train. I strike up a conversation.

“Did you get today’s Wordle?” I venture.

“Not yet,” he responds.

In a trice, I cuff him. “You’re nicked.”

love it :)

(As a bit of Trivia: Wordle is already close to a decade old in a way; its prototype was created between 2013 and 2014. Of course it wasn't a common word puzzle yet back then, so it doesn't affect your story. 🙂)

@FutzleFiction Heh. I have a time travelling character, and one of the things she's made sure of is that she has made *just* enough good investments to be able to be comfortable ... no matter which timeline she ends up in! =)

(another character was a bit confused when asked if she knew what the company 'Apple' was. >.>)

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