I’m so excited, my time machine has finally been delivered! I go to open the sturdy box and find a combination lock keeping it closed. What the…?

A much older version of me strides in the front door. “Here, you’ll need this.” I am handed a sticky note with an eight-digit code, then Older Me walks out again.

How many years did it take me to get into this box the first time?

ht @s0 for the original idea, who bought a hobby knife that came in impenetrable packaging.

There is no first time. There is only one time. What happens happened. So if the code you got from yourself is correct it takes you one try and a few minutes first and only time to get into the box 🤓

@FutzleFiction @s0
I'm waiting for SpaceX to offer a service where you can stick impossible-to-open packages in the otherwise empty space in the interstage. That flaming descent should do a great job of burning the packaging off of pretty much anything.

Of course, it would also do a good job of scattering the liberated items across the ocean :(

Ya, ya, it might be worth it anyway. At least that way the package won't win.

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