We were warned about pirates in this sector. When we see a blip on our aft scanners we fear the worst. Engines are at full but the vessel still gains on us. There’s no point hailing them; we’d have no common language.

They pull alongside. We prepare to be boarded.

Through the airlock window a suited figure gesticulates towards the stern of our ship, then returns to their craft, which rockets away.

“I think,” ventures the XO, “they’re telling us we have a taillight out.”

@FutzleFiction 'which side, port or starboard?' 'it's the one on the RRRRRRRR'

@FutzleFiction that is such a twist! I did not see that coming at all. We're floating around in outer space and then suddenly we get something so relatable :saturn:

@FutzleFiction "XO, engage tracking beam and launch all missiles, shoot to kill"

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