The academic article was titled “A scalar theory of theodicy”. According to the abstract, bad things happen to good people because, topologically speaking, in a boundless universe, the space underneath a step ladder can be continuously deformed into the space above the ladder, hence everyone is subject to bad luck.

I sat down to read the article and reached for my doughnut, but accidentally tipped over my coffee mug instead.

@FutzleFiction I had to look up that word. I always thought theodicy was an epic poem written by Homer.

@zens @FutzleFiction I have a heuristic for how to distinguish a bagel from a doughnut. A bagel is made better by adding Vegemite, and a doughnut is made worse.

@futzle @FutzleFiction so you’re saying bagels don’t exist? this is a radical proposition

@futzle @FutzleFiction i’s love to but since this room is a torus I’ll just wrap around to the other side

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