#MicroFiction, food mention 

When the Zombie Wars began, there was a lot of misdirected anger at the other Undead. The Mummy community bore the brunt of it. A lot of humans couldn’t or wouldn’t tell the difference.

There was a prolonged lawsuit and, finally, a court ruling: a Mummy was an Undead that got drier as it aged, and a Zombie was an Undead that got moister as it aged.

The Mummy community celebrated with a giant symbolic Jaffa Cake.

#MicroFiction, food mention 

For those not au courant with the Cake vs Biscuit saga:

re: #MicroFiction, food mention 

@FutzleFiction Aah, the philosophy of the Jaffa Cake.

I for one wouldn't dunk a Jaffa Cake into my tea, so it can't be a biscuit.

Equally, I'd not ask a Zombie to move boxes of books for me, but I'd probably trust a Mummy to keep them safe & dry.

#MicroFiction, food mention 

Cake (or biscuits forthat matter) is not proper food for any self-respecting Jaffa.

Oh. You didn't mean that kind of Jaffa? Carry on then.

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