My husband and I are walking home from the market as the sun sets. We’d bought a goat and we’d sold all but one of our cabbages. The road is deserted.

He hops behind a bush and tosses his clothes over to me before the full moon rises. No probs, we’ve done this dozens of times. Out trots my husband (what a tail!). We continue on our way.

Soon we arrive at the river. There’s only a small raft. I glance at the raft, then my husband, the goat, then the cabbage.

“Damn it,” I curse.


@FutzleFiction Take the cabbage to the other side, nothing back. Take the goat to the other side, cabbage back. Take the wolf to the other side, goat back. Take the cabbage, go back, take the goat.
Wait a minute, cabbage is not that heavy. It does not qualify as a passenger. So, take the wolf and the cabbage, go back, then take the goat. Job done.
Just kidding. Just take the wolf, then the goat, then the cabbage. This is a very well-behaved husband werewolf who knows who the alpha in this relationship is. :ms_stick_out_tongue:


@Mayana Also wolves and goats can swim goddammit.


@FutzleFiction :ms_facepalm: And here I thought I had the simplest answer. Damn it!
Well. Technically the goat could decide to swim off somewhere else. But that's why you tie the goat to the wolf and carry over the cabbage yourself while they get wet.

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