The next demon looked more like a machine than anything. But looks are deceptive. I met its eye. “Can you talk?”


“Can you walk?”

“Yes…but not here.”

“What’s stopping you?”

“Autonomous algorithms rely on perspective analysis. Need parallel lines. These lines do not converge properly. No training data.”

I made a note in my book: keep the pentagram; it binds them.

An exerpt from the Diabolis Digitae on the subject of demonic pattern recogntion. 


"...These runes when viewed by a demon can produce a variety of bizarre behaviors and actions. The most common of these is either a state of mild confusion or an odd ignorance of its environment. The strategic application and placement specific runes can be used for practical purposes such as the placement of a specific floor pattern that installs reaction similar to a geas, forcing the demon to walk along a preordained pathway."
"Fig 5.) This complex looping sequence of runes locks the demons gaze to it and causes it to enter into a statuesque stupor in which it will remain so long as it's view is unobstructed."
"...Again, it must be repeated, these runes must be crafted with the upmost precision and care. The smallest deviation in pattern or color can have catastrophic consequences, as was one such incident that this author had the fortune of surviving."
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