alcohol reference, #MicroFiction 

It‘s hard to find my exact home timeline. This one’s pretty close.

On the plus side, in this universe electrons were assigned a positive charge. Doubly good, they defined π as the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its radius.

Less cool is the absence of any kind of mint. And, darkly, all cats are literally grey.

I think I’ll stay here a while. Until I have a hankering for a mojito.

alcohol reference, #MicroFiction 

@FutzleFiction I wonder at the effect on a human, composed of negatively charged electrons, of being in a universe where the opposite were true!

alcohol reference, #MicroFiction 

@mattcen At worst it would be like mutual annihilation of antimatter. At best, a person-worth or two of atoms would immediately ionize.

In my alternative universe, Benjamin Franklin just made a better decision on naming charge.

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