TGIF! I just teleported back from work on the orbital station and I’m keen to go straight to bed.

While brushing my teeth I get a whiff of caraway. I glance at the tube: “Spearmint”.

I’d been reflected during the trip back. Not again!

I rummage through the pantry for the jar of synthetic L-glucose that I keep for emergencies. I won’t be able to digest normal unmirrored food so I’ll be drinking nothing but this sugar syrup all weekend till work can fix me. Roll on Monday…


Chemistry lesson:

Carvone is a chemical which exists in mirror images. One of the mirror images smells of spearmint and the other smells of caraway.

L-glucose is a mirror image of normal D-glucose. It tastes the same but people can’t digest it. A mirrored person would have just the opposite situation. (Yes, miracle diet sugar! But not really; read the link.)

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