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I used to meet a lot of people in pubs. Being a recovering alcoholic in Australia is seriously isolating sometimes.

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Is it just me? Or is it way harder to meet people as one gets older. Do people just already have enough friends? I don't even know how to approach people. I know I need to be places where people are, doing things that people do, then maybe we end up doing the thing together. It's proving harder in practice though. I want to meet a partner. Where does that happen? It used to just happen for me naturally. What's the deal? Do people use online dating? Is that how it works these days? Wtf life.

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Does anyway know of any PeerTube instance in Australia? The nearest one that I could find is

Today is gonna suck haha.
Current mood: high voltage rocknroll, seriously considering buying a pack of smokes.

It won't stop raining. Why won't it stop raining?

I now live in another house. This is the 29th house I've lived in. It's weird and empty. I made caramel slice to celebrate. I'm possibly having a minor nervous breakdown. This is what people do isn't it? Live in a place... Do a thing etc? I hope the local takeaway made my food Thai hot. They always make it Aussie hot. Everything is going to be okay.

The Vegemite is mouldy. How is that even possible. I've never in my life seen Vegemite go mouldy. People have intergenerational jars of Vegemite. There are jars of Vegemite in share houses that have been going strong since 1983. It's like my entire world has been tipped upside down.

I know how to move house. I've done it a thousand times. This is fine. I'm totally okay with this. The rain just provides a peaceful ambiance to the experience. I'm not sure if I'm moving to south cairns or north innisfail. Who wants to live near the beach anyway. I need more tea.

I achieved tea. Chamomile, elderflower and hibiscus. I'm still crap at guitar, but I believe I may have at least partially staved off existential crisis.

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Not tired enough to sleep. Too tired to concentrate on anything. Floundering around between rooms deflecting weird thoughts. Considering making tea if I can manage to do so. It's not looking like I'll achieve tea any time soon. Did I mention it's raining? Hmmm...

I remember a time, many many years ago, when I called a company for support and it didn't immediately say "we are currently experiencing higher than normal call volumes and your expected wait time is a really fucking long time". That used to happen didn't it? Or am I just making this up.

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gender reveal party shitposting 

In the first world war, the first British tanks were divided into 'male' (fitted with cannon) and 'female' (fitted with machine guns). Which makes the Battle of the Somme the world's worst gender reveal party

I fell into her completely, like a deep chasm filled with soft light. We held hands under the water. Her smile broke me. It would never work out, she's too self centred. I would never dream of holding her back. I told her she was beautiful. She looked as if she was going to cry and hugged me for a long time. She's far away now. I don't know if I'll see her again. I hope I see her again. Fuck. This one hurts. Fuck.

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we're seeing anxiety levels at about 99%

(99%) ■■■■■■■■■□

I could tell a thousand stories. I just want it on record that I'm really not happy with the situation.

It turns out I'm not skilled at sleeping on a boat. I'm now sitting on top of the boat overdosing on tea. At least I'll see the sunrise.

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