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I have this sneaking suspicion that working 7 days a week might not be sustainable

Beautiful cover of West Coast of Clare by Eva Holbrook. One of my favourite musicians. She goes by the name "Lady Moon" on social media etc if you want to look her up.

There are these birds here that spend the entire night letting out what sounds like screaming mournful wails. I don't know what kind of birds they are but it's like listening to the souls of the damned. The kind of noise that would make you quite uncomfortable while camping.

Whatever do you mean? Cooking dinner at 11pm is perfectly functional stop criticising me

Working for yourself is awesome when you're motivated. When you're not motivated, it's awful. How does one self motivate when one gives no shits? There are time frames here. I also quite like the people I am working for, and they have looked after me. I should really be working harder and getting more done. I'll probably end up undercharging them because I feel guilty. I don't want to be doing this right now.

Nightflyers (netflix) 

I enjoyed it. I thought it was dark and unsettling and not ridiculous as it could have been. Then I read that everyone ever gave it shit reviews and then it was cancelled. I don't get it. Many shows that are way WAY shittier somehow run for 167 seasons. I thought this one was well done and had promise.

Additionally, I would really appreciate it if Netflix could slap a "cancelled and no you won't get any closure" label on such things.

I thought the neighbors were having a violent domestic, then I realised there's a big sportsball thing happening.

@liamvhogan @mike I can just imagine all these paranoid amphetamine addled bikers thinking they were using some underground surveillance proof black market tech and feeling all self satisfied about it like they were in a movie or something.

@mike @liamvhogan that's pretty funny. They would have been better off using literally anything else.

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Getting there. Not pacing so well due to leg issues, wasn't expecting to make it very far at all as I've had a lot of pain. Hopefully coming good for some longer runs.

@mike yeah... The skin is $650. Batteries are about $200 each I think. Boss has the brushcutter says it's great, can take a blade and gets around 1 hour per battery.

I'd mainly consider it as a camping saw or for heading down gnarly 4WD tracks. Good to have in the car.

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