Getting there. Not pacing so well due to leg issues, wasn't expecting to make it very far at all as I've had a lot of pain. Hopefully coming good for some longer runs.

Trying out these battery powered saws. They are actually pretty good. Definitely don't have the pulling power of a 2 stroke, but they cut surprisingly well. You can get through some pretty thick stuff. They have a weird tiny chain, I suppose to reduce drag to compensate. The positive effect of the tiny chain is it makes very tidy cuts. Not bad for a pruning saw. They are VERY poorly balanced though. Also, I hate to say it, but they just don't feel very cool to use >_>. Oh well.

I love this place. Built by an absolutely lovely man. It's exactly what I'd like my home to be.

Eating freshly harvested palm heart. One of the few advantages of my job.

Bismarck palms... The shittest of all of the palms. They have no redeeming features whatsoever. They are ugly and pointy and stupid and I hate them. You know who likes Bismarck palms? You know the only creature in existence to love Bismarck palms? Wasps. Wasps LOVE Bismarck palms. I hate wasps and I hate Bismarck palms. I hate them.

That's one way to travel Australia. Apparently bought at army auction for $18,000.

shaping up to be a beautiful Monday. I'm over this week already.

Finally got around to the chook house. It may be slightly over engineered. My favourite part was banging in 800,000 staples by hand. That was excellent. I'm happy with the result though. Just need to knock up some shelves, nesting boxes and a roost.

Grapefruit and lime marmalade. Can't wait till it sets!

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