Last night, I was so tired I decided to just lie down on the bed and "rest my eyes" at about 9:30pm.

Yeah, I know, I fell for it like an idiot.

Woke up at 1am going "oh shit, I'll be awake all night now" and then promptly slept until 7am anyway.

Guess I needed that.

@Funkpirata it's like my brain knows when I'm tired enough for it to get away with some shenanigans.


@mike I find doing anything to be a weird negotiation with myself. Sometimes I trick myself into doing a thing. Or not doing a thing. And the different parts of myself have various alliances and grievances. We are one but we are many. When we can all stop enabling each other and being dicks to each other things get done and life goes smoothly *points accusingly at internal chorus*

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