Can anyone recommend some good ? I love BOTW but I'm having trouble finding anything else that interests me. Most of the games I do want turn out to be ports with inferior graphics that I'm better off getting on PC (TW3, DOS:2, Doom). Diablo III looks acceptable on switch. I'll probably buy ori and the blind forest and will of the wisps as those are fantastic platformers well suited to the switch platform. I briefly looked at AC but I don't think it's my cup o tea.

I really thought older games such as dark souls would run well but the switch is much more underpowered than I thought and it looks blurry and washed out. A lot of the ports appear to run in 540p in handheld mode.

@Funkpirata katamari if not played yet because sheer joy.

Monster hunter?

Fire emblem?

Mario oddesy?

Treasure toady dude face?

@Funkpirata One thing that makes a machine surprisingly slow when emulating other platforms, is the emulator itself. If that's inefficiently implemented, then even a small fast older game will feel comparatively sluggish.

If it were a free-software platform then people could collaborate and compete to improve the emulator; unfortunately you typically don't have any option to use a different emulator on the same machine, so probably there's no such alternative available.

@bignose oh is that what a port is? An emulation layer? I was under the impression that they reworked the code to run natively on a different platform.

@Funkpirata no, an emulation layer is different from a port.

To “port” (abbrev. of “transport”) a program from a foreign platform to this platform, is to re-write it so it has the same behaviour but it runs natively on this platform. Lots of effort for one program; keeps it running fast.

An emulation layer is a program that pretends to be the hardware of a machine, which allows programs expecting that machine to run without changes. Lots more effort; only needs to be done once; can be slower.

@bignose oh yeah that's what I thought. Dark souls for switch is a port. It just looks like shit compared to other versions. I suppose they had to scale back textures etc. Surprises me because dark souls isn't particularly new. The witcher 3 doesn't surprise me that it looks worse, but dark souls does

@Funkpirata @mike I think the trick is understanding that the switch is not meant to be it’s own console; it’s meant to be the means through which you game while pooping

@Funkpirata I've been really enjoying replaying FFX. Yah, I could get it on PC, but playing it with the pro-controller (which is basically the best controller since the PS2) on my TV without any emulator crashing constantly and then picking it up and moving somewhere else is really nice. As for actual games: avoid BioShock at all costs (crashes constantly, I can't believe they charged me money for this), but Overcooked 2 and V-Ralley 4 have been fun if those sorts of things are your cup of tea.

@Funkpirata Oh! And if you like weird indie stuff Feather is weirdly relaxing and fun (you just fly around and explore to relaxing music, it's small, there is no point, you may or may not be very board but I love it). Also Firewatch (is amazing if you love mysteries and walking simulators (

@Funkpirata What *is* your cup of tea?

The Switch ports of FTL: Faster Than Light and Into The Breach are great roguelike strategy games. Untitled Goose Game runs great on the Switch too.

Other games in my library I've loved are Ord and Access Denied (one of the few games that effectively uses the touch screen). I keep meaning to play Stillness of the Wind, but have only given it ten minutes or so.

@stibbons @Funkpirata Untitled Goose Game was the whole reason I bought my Switch and I have zero regrets.

@Funkpirata There's always Warframe for Switch. It's free to play, but be aware that it's a deep, deep rabbit hole to dive into. And as of yet no crossplay with other platforms.

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