It turns out cairns airport is tiny. I'm an hour early with nothing to do. I hate airports. I wish I drank coffee.

A friend offered to give me a lift to the airport. I realised halfway there that they had a terrible cold. I spent the rest of the car trip trying desperately not to breathe. Now I'm in the airport, at least 10m from anyone and I'm supposed to wear a mask. If he's given me a cold and fucked up my dive I'll kill him. I'll straight up kill him.

Letmeoutletmeoutletmeoutletmeout! I'm not even on the plane yet and I want to shoot myself. Ursula LeGuin was right. Airports are the worst places on Earth.

@Funkpirata wow dude, if these are your friends, your enemies must be really vicious.

@Funkpirata Yeah, Cairns Airport is cute. You’re right, nothing at all to do there except buy mediocre food and books.

@futzle yeah... I mean I never really expect to have a great time hanging around in airports, I just didn't realise it would be so fast checking in bags and getting to the terminal

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