Now to play everybody's favourite game... "What is Funk gonna have for dinner!". Current pickings on offer at home include a half eaten apple turnover from Babinda bakery, a bag of chips, and half a block of cheese. Maybe I'll go to the shop. What the hell do people even buy from the shop? What the hell do people even eat? I swear I'm going to end up starving to death some day due to just not being able to get it together.

@Funkpirata Join a meal service like hello fresh or marley spoon. Get practice cooking, and keep the recipes that you like. After a couple months you've hopefully got enough for some variety, and you can cut back how many you're ordering and start practicing meal planning.

@stibbons yeah my housemate does this and swears by it. Seems like it works out cheaper I'm the grand scheme of things too.

@Funkpirata you can basically sustain yourself indefinitely on beans and rice with occasional potato or carrot.

Do with this as you wish, it's like 20 dollars for a week of food

@Naeva yeah love me some beans and rice. It's not that I don't know how to cook... It's just the endless grind of having to take steps to feed myself every day forever. Always with the buying of things and cooking of things and cleaning of things and the needing of ideas etc etc. I totally respect my mother for keeping my sibling and I alive all those years hah. This is why people end up living on takeaway.

@Funkpirata that's what I'm saying though, like when you cant be fucked or as a ward against those days a basic beans dish made in bulk for a week or frozen for longer is largely unattended, minimal chopping, tasty, cheap, and nutritious food.

When I can't figure it out I just throw beans, pickled jalapeños, carrot, TVP, stock, soysauce, tomato and spices in a pot and make a giant chilli. Or this:

@Naeva "" haha that's bloody brilliant. I was vegan for years. We used to get most of our food from the Woolworths bins. Those were good days :-)

@Funkpirata it's an amazing food blog, I don't have time or money for virginal amaranth husks picked under a new moon by Siberian Royal enuches or whatever the latest fad food is and unfortunately many vegan food blogs are appealing to that demographic. Maybe because the click more adds or buy more self help books

@Naeva yeah the one that really pissed me off living in Byron bay was activated almonds. You know how you activate almonds? Soak them in water. Thats it. But somehow that process increases the price 18x. Good vegan food is down to earth, fresh ingredients etc.

@Funkpirata i also need to play that game, but i also need to get out of bed because the transition from nights to days is rough some weeks

@binchicken yeah the getting out of bed game is no fun some days

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