I'm looking at purchasing a laptop for someone. Either dell latitude E7270 or E7470. The website and the company claim they both come with 1366x768 displays. This is weird because they come with 16gb ram and i7... And even the setups for these with lower specs than that came with FHD displays. That low res display only came with the lowest end setup. Regardless, with 1366x768 resolution, would a 12.5" screen be too cramped? Am I right in thinking a 14" screen would be more comfortable?

These are both refurbished business lease laptops BTW. So the hardware is what they originally came with. Just seems weird a company would get the highest end specs available with the lowest end displays. I'm not sure I believe the employee who told me about the displays. Wouldn't a business grade laptop prefer a higher res display for more screen real estate?

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@Funkpirata Yeah, hate to say it, but that's probably going to be a shitty experience. My wife has a 14" with 1366x768 screen, and it's very notable how little screen area you actually have to work with. I've got a 15" 1920x1280 and the jump up is just so much better.

If it was me, 1366x768 would be a complete non-starter. I do know from recent experience though that getting a cheap laptop with a non-shit screen can be tough.

@fortescue hmmm yes that's what I was thinking. Thanks for the input :-)

@Funkpirata Welcome. Good luck finding something that doesn't suck and is in budget.
There are two different laptops. There is the 7470 which has the lower resolution, and the E7470 which is 1920x1080. It seems you've been offered the lower resolution version.

You can find the specs here at the end of the document:

I've used the earlier versions of the Latitude, and they've been really good. Linux runs really well on them.

If you get a good price for it I'll definitely recommend it. Unless you need something that plays games of course since they don't have discrete GPU's.

@loke Strange. It is an E7470 according to the store. I was looking at this spec sheet

It says the E7470 did come with 1366x768 display. However, looking at reviews and companies that sold them this display only came with lower end setups with 4gb ram and 128gb storage.

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