Asking anyone in Melbourne or in the know about such things. I'm looking to buy a piece of jewelry for someone. I'm not into diamond or gold. I'm thinking possibly antique stuff, silver, garnet, marcasite... Possibly small sapphire or emerald. I'm thinking like an Edwardian style necklace or possibly earrings. Does anyone know a good place to look? Doesn't need to be a specialist jeweler. I remember a woman in Canberra had a stall where I bought my sister some nice old silver stuff.

@Funkpirata I used to go to a shop on the main street of Daylesford for all my jewellery needs. Possibly too far?

There's a small place on Little Collins, called Erika, that often had some interesting stuff.

@Andrea yeah daylesford is a bit of a mission. Can you get the train there? I'll go check out Lt Collins tomorrow. Found some reasonable stuff on etsy too.

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