Google play store won't let you purchase an app without having a device attached to the account. So even logging in with a real account on you are unable to actually purchase an app without logging in using the real play store on the actual device... Which is not possible on a device that has no google play services. Does anyone know of a workaround? Maybe have to put my spare phone back to stock and buy the app through that then download through aurora on this device. Ugh.

Now I'm really pissed. Made account on spare phone, added credit card, purchased app, installed. Logged in through aurora store with same account but still can't download, only has "purchase" button. Something must have changed with google api. Worked fine for another app I used to use. Oh well such is life :-). At least can get a refund for the app

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Well I just installed the app, backed up system using twrp, got refund which uninstalled the app, restored backup. I now have the app working and didn't pay for it :-/. It's on the wrong phone though haha. Oh well. Best I could do I suppose. Wish I could just buy the app directly and get an apk. Such is life.

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@Funkpirata I've got an old tablet that I use for these sort of situations.

@matt yeah just waiting for open gapps to download on old HTC m9. That phone is a little trooper, been through the wars. Just inconvenient. Wish I could just pay the dev directly and get an apk. Oh well. Such is life :-)

Do you really need that particular app? How about alternatives? Web apps? Mobile sites?

@n0btc yeah. Epsxe is the only emulator that will work with the game I want. I usually use retroarch but no core will work.

@Funkpirata You just have to attach some Android device to your account and then you can buy apps. This device doesn’t need to have a regular connection, just an initial attachment. Might even work with an Android emulator with Play Services. And after that, you can buy apps using the web frontend of the Play Store.

@frumble yeah I did that. Added google account to spare phone and accessed play store. Website still said no phone attached to account. Even after I purchased an app and installed it on said phone website still said the same thing. Couldn't access paid app using either aurora store or yalp.

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