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Tomorrow April 2nd at 5pm PT / 8pm ET: Join @eff for an online discussion of COVID-19 and digital rights.

Adventures with soda stream:

It turns out something really can be too fizzy

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Me most of my life: The time is 2:45pm.

Me when isolated: It is light time, about half way between second hungry and third hungry.

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Student Life - Lectures 

These are both refurbished business lease laptops BTW. So the hardware is what they originally came with. Just seems weird a company would get the highest end specs available with the lowest end displays. I'm not sure I believe the employee who told me about the displays. Wouldn't a business grade laptop prefer a higher res display for more screen real estate?

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I'm looking at purchasing a laptop for someone. Either dell latitude E7270 or E7470. The website and the company claim they both come with 1366x768 displays. This is weird because they come with 16gb ram and i7... And even the setups for these with lower specs than that came with FHD displays. That low res display only came with the lowest end setup. Regardless, with 1366x768 resolution, would a 12.5" screen be too cramped? Am I right in thinking a 14" screen would be more comfortable?

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A young orphaned gorilla being comforted by an anti-poaching ranger after their mother died

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Microsoft discloses “critical” level vulnerability in all supported versions of Windows that allows remotely run code or malware on the victim’s device

I wonder if actually copped a ddos attack this morning or they just totally underestimated the number of people needing to apply for the dole. This situation really highlights the inadequacy of newstart as a safety net, requiring the payment to double to actually support people who lose their jobs. Funny how all it takes is a global pandemic following a national bushfire emergency to increase payments :blobthinking:

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We have already been training for this moment, because skills don’t develop overnight. Without #5Demands, this will be all of us [credit to on instagram]

As a student, I am pretty pissed off about this one. I also lost my part time job as a result of covid-19 bringing my workplace to a grinding halt. Yet I get jack shit to help out. I'd almost be better off cutting my study load to get kicked off austudy, as I am unlikely to find any more work in the near future. I'm probably extra bitter remembering my time as a jobseeker and getting very little support then. Can't win.

This stimulus fails students - Honi Soit

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Wow. Laughing all the way to the bloody bank. Thanks NAB.

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