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It's unfortunate that this is someone I quite like and respect for many reasons. I also spend 40 hours a week hanging out with him. His wife is the one who manages my pay. It's just getting a bit awkward. I want to say that in expressing my opinions I am not putting down him or his wife, but I really am. And I do on some level think less of them. Especially this absurd narrative that they are somehow fighting the good fight against oppression. Blows my mind.

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I'm really struggling with people in my life who are off the fucking planet around this stuff. The guy I work for and his wife are both unvaccinated, and have attended protests. He at least has some reason, if not easily swayed by astonishingly unrealistic claims. His wife is firmly entrenched in batshit crazy territory though. I'm just getting tired of it. There's nothing left for me to say. How can I argue with such nonsensical delusion?

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Ok Adelaide Hills - who hurt you? What The Scenic Hotel is serving as a Steak Tartare (via Twitter, @P392SUM) : r/australia

AND ANOTHER THING.... There appears to be some confusion about how to indicate on roundabouts. You may notice that there is no indicator light for "straight ahead". This is because if you are not indicating, others assume you are going straight ahead. If you indicate right on a roundabout and go straight ahead, you will cause an accident. Where did this behaviour come from? It seems to be spreading faster than covid. Bah humbug.

"Stores up to 1000 songs" is NOT useful information. If you are going to make this claim PLEASE PLEASE pair it with a hard number for storage space. Why is everything getting dumber? Like everything. Stop assuming we're all dumb. Drives me mad.

"We all travel on roads, but what is the infrastructure that has kept us alive and together through this pandemic? It is the human and social infrastructure of the care economy, one that is powered by women who are often underpaid, if they're paid at all."

COVID gave us a once-in-a-lifetime natural experiment — but Scott Morrison has turned his back on the lessons

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I came out swinging this morning with "it's a small world after all", the boss gave a strong defense with "M I C K E Y, M O U S E". We eventually came to an uneasy truce in mutual agreement that Rodriguez rich folks hoax was a solid tune we could both enjoy.

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I got fingerprint scanner locks for my house but I can't find a locksmith who'll make me a spare set of fingers.

I had this amazing dream last night where I got up, got ready and went to work. I awoke to the unusual task of getting up,getting ready and going to work. It's as if Monday happened twice.


OMFG humbugs. RIP teeth

Well that went better than expected... Fueled on nothing but ginger beer and twisties. Also past me is a fucking hero.

Lunar eclipse happening right now if anyone is interested

Are there any wild places left to run to? Or has it all been explored, commodified, bought and sold. I wish I'd grown up in Tasmania long ago. Surely there's a place for me somewhere. Surely there's some peace to be had.

Okay... Okay... This has to be one of the funniest things that has ever happened.

There seems to be an issue with the bunnings website. Unless you can think of a situation where a scissor lift would be useful for sanding a floor

There's way too much Tuesday going on. Not enough Friday. Not enough Friday at all.

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