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I'm constantly looking at threads involving connections on where I can't see half the conversation. Like I'm reading a bunch of replies to questions that aren't there. I think it's to do with people tagging posts followers only. Does this stop search engines indexing everything you post? That would be useful. Regardless, It kind of makes the platform feel a bit off-putting somehow.

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I've started publishing example config files for my Mastodon-authenticated messaging service, using .

This is intended for use in conjunction with the ejabberd external auth script provided here:

If anyone wants to add this to their instance setup, feel free to hit me up. After talking @M0YNG through the deployment recently I think I've got a good start on putting together a proper guide.

I woke up today with a song in my head which turns out to be "It's my life" by Talk Talk. I'm not sure I've ever been familiar with this song. I don't know how it ended up in my brain. Anyway, it's much less offensive than most songs that end up in my head. Brains are weird.

Wait what? Instant tea is a thing? How could you? How hard is it to make a cup of tea anyway?

We were recently cursed with an expensive lot of shit Indian takeaway from Mareeba. The only remedy I can think is to purchase a shitload of quality Indian takeaway. It's a long drive to Cairns but I feel as if I'm backed into a corner. I'll probably need to purchase a lot for good measure. We will be dining there on Monday after all and would be well served by a reconnaissance meal. Leaving bed is the hardest part of the plan. Stupid non delivery friendly distance between things :blobsad:

TFW there's a bad smell in your bedroom and you can't find the source of it anywhere so you deal with it for now pushing back the dark shadow in your mind that predicts it'll be something really gross when you figure it out.

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I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!

And if you pay monthly by direct debit the late payment fee is only $22.50. How is reinstating that vehicle registration any different than for a longer time period? Seems like an arbitrary "because we can" cash grab.

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Paying my rego a day late, and TMR QLD charge a fee of $64.50 for late payment. Seems a little excessive honestly. If you can update, pay and renew it online in the middle of the night it must be an automated system. So what exactly is the late payment fee covering? Do they actually need to justify what this is for?

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Open search wants to make searching the internet open and transparent by providing a wide range of independent and free options for navigating the web.

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TFW you're at work and it's hot and everything's fucked

This is soundtrack to my montage. It involves abandoned industrial buildings, overcast weather and city skylines.

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