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I've just discovered that my integrated Intel GPU has only a single HDMI out. Goodbye dual monitors. It couldn't have a dvi out? I feel somewhat irritated about this.

I love so much! Thanks for all my uni textbooks and learning materials so far :-).

If you are a broke arse student check it out. Best resource ever.

(I totally dig paying people for their work... But I ain't giving a damn cent to Pearson or Wiley and you can't make me.)

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Calling out to the Mastodon community again: famous @fdroidorg Repomaker is looking for a new maintainer (and contributors). Should be familiar with F-Droid, Python, Django.

Please help keeping it alive!

Volunteers go to – others please boost, as usual 😉 Thanks!

#helpWanted #callingOut

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In addition to sharing and receiving files without a third party, the newest OnionShare lets you publish static websites as onion services 🙌

Your IP address and identity will be protected, and your site will be censorship resistant. #onionizetheweb

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Google has made “substantial” contributions to some of the most notorious climate deniers in Washington despite its insistence that it supports political action on the climate crisis.

Others who claim to have succeeded against such obscene design decisions may tell magical tales of how they melted the little rivets away. Be assured that these tales describe the stupidest idea ever.... According to a friend of mine >_>. When faced with such a nightmarish foe, be sure to wield a razor blade or scalpel and your battle will be fast won.

Replacing a keyboard in an Asus laptop.... I am faced with no less than 9000 tiny plastic rivets. This is gonna be fun :-). We may need to buy glue :-/

Good watch

re:publica 2019 – Cory Doctorow: It's monopolies, not surveillance.

I have 3 computers. I want to run a particular OS. One computer is too new, one is too old, and one is WAY WAY too old. Now I'm working out how to pay for a fourth computer. I don't like this situation. I don't like it at all.

TFW you pick up the wrong keyboard and post your password publicly on the internet. Fail.

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Apparently there is official gear for service dogs in laboratories and it is the best thing

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"By cross-referencing just one hour of video footage from public webcams with Instagram stories taken and shared in Times Square, BuzzFeed News was able to confirm the real names and identities of a half dozen people."
.onion: bfnews3u2ox4m4ty.onion/article

I tried to sign in to an old google account to access the only play store app I have actually paid for, magic dosbox. I was greeted with a friendly page saying something like "This device in not recognised. For your security we need to verify it's you etc ect". The check was for me to enter my phone number and then enter the code they text me. I used my partners phone. This didn't prove anything. All this proved is that google wanted my phone number. I could have been anyone and used any number.

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Hi Fediverse

it seems to me that closed down it's services. All social media accounts are deleted and the site is currently offline.

Unfortunately, I have no clue what happened, I'm as surprised as you are. I already contacted the French, Italian and Turkish version of the site.

In case someone knows anything about what happened or has backups of one/multiple pages of the website, I would be very happy to get in touch with you.

#SwitchingSocial #offline

I finally get some peace and quiet at home to get some work done, and my neighbor decides to start learning the trumpet. I'm going to kill them. I' Its drilling into my brain like thousands of ants. I can't think. I can't breathe. They need to die. It's the only real solution.


I used to use copperhead os on my nexus 6p, so grateful to Daniel Micay for his work. Now running grapheneOS on my pixel 2. Up until now was running it stock with no google account signed in getting apps from f-droid and using yalp store to scrape apks for needed apps. So far so good. Perfectly stable. Also found an alternative to yalp store called Aurora Store. If you have a supported phone or are able to contribute check it out.

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like just read this
"The three crops benefit from each other. The maize provides a structure for the beans to climb, eliminating the need for poles. The beans provide the nitrogen to the soil that the other plants use, and the squash spreads along the ground, blocking the sunlight, helping prevent the establishment of weeds. The squash leaves also act as a "living mulch", creating a microclimate to retain moisture in the soil, and the prickly hairs of the vine deter pests. Corn, beans, and squash contain complex carbohydrates, essential fatty acids and all nine essential amino acids, allowing most Native American tribes to thrive on a plant-based diet"

that's such an amazing and sustainable way to grow things. there's no monoculture stripping the land of nutrients that's susceptible to being wiped out, it's water efficient, it doesn't require pesticides as it's has it's own natural defenses, it doesn't require industrial fertilisation that leads to eutrophication because it has it's own natural fertilisation

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