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What if we end up with the LNP again? With a bunch of seats going to UAP, one nation, and various terrifying smaller groups? Fuck... The damage that would be done. It's going to be okay. Breathe.


There is something I find extremely disturbing about being approached by a gaggle of small children clad in yellow yelling "do you want to vote for freedom?!?"

Today I had on loop in my head "do your ears hang low do they wobble to and fro can you tie them in a knot can you tie them in a bow" at full volume, interspersed with the theme song to Round the Twist and occasionally the Australian national anthem with the words "Australians all let us rejoice" replaced by "Australians all are osterages".

Well played brain... Well played.

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Depending on how comfortable you are with a text editor and command-line tools @Funkpirata, you might like .

It's is a data format for double-entry book-keeping, and tools that read and process and report from that data. It's mature and proven to last and the tool set is amazing.

Being preserves because your data is not locked to any specific tool and the format is open.

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Donate now to help us find a cure for causality. No one should have to suffer through events because of other events.

Can anyone recommend robust account keeping software for ? I like to use gnucash but there is no decent app. I know I can import data into gnucash but I'm after something portable that preferably just uses a local database. I'm not that keen on cloud based solutions for this. I mainly require double entry bookkeeping, being able to attach bank account would be a plus, and possibly some extra features for tracking jobs I do. I'm also concerned about privacy and data collection.


Marx was wrong. The proletariat know the game is rigged. There is no great revolt. There is only apathy and resignation. We are fated to live out our pitiful existence in shackles, as dreams dull like the fading of the evening light.

I'd like to propose a new collective noun for dogs. I'm not suggesting we stop using "pack", this works perfectly for small family groups. I think we could use a more adequate word for larger groups however. I propose "debacle". A debacle of dogs. I'm not sure where the change would occur numbers wise. I can however say with absolute certainty that 79 dogs is a debacle of dogs. A calamitous disaster of dogs to be sure.

I have been feeling irritated at a workmate who constantly insists on talking heavy politics. Like I was having this discomfort inflicted on me. I calmly and politely asked him if we could agree to not talk politics at work. He said "sure" and went on to make a bunch of smarmy remarks about how he's a libertarian and a free speech absolutist and insinuated I was narrow minded and was somehow oppressing his right to free speech. Maybe next time I'll just tell him to shut the fuck up?

Your world is NOT falling apart. Your prediction machine has gone haywire again. DON'T PANIC. Focus on the task at hand and remember to BREATHE. It's okay right now, and it's going to be okay. Just as it ways has been.

* This announcement brought to you by Self Soothe Bot™ 3.16.2 rev k. Calming frayed nerves since '88

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When the Imposter Syndrome and the Brainweasels of Doubt start running around inside my head, I stop, take my hands off the keyboard, and repeat to myself:

“All I need is a fraction of the self-confidence of a mediocre dumbass.”

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This is getting frustrating. In several months of eating over 5000 kCal per day I managed to gain a whopping 2.3kg. I'm now worse than I was when I started. I'm just losing muscle because I have no fat left to lose.I haven't even been running. I love food, but eating this much puts me off eating in general. I'm exhausted ALL the time. Feel like I have chronic fatigue. It gets slightly better the more I eat. I just struggle to keep weight on. I'm feeling a bit over it.

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AEC alarmed at ‘dangerous’ voter fraud claims spreading before Australian election | Australian election 2022 | The Guardian

It's the same shit in every workplace. Never given the resources to do the job properly. Always want it done faster. But faster has diminishing returns. Past a point, more fast is more shit. Then I cop it because it's not up to standard. I wish people would just cut the bullshit and state plainly what they want me to half arse. Then comes the typical HR rubbish giving you more work to prove that you've done the work. This is why people drink.

I stayed up all night playing peggle and eating skittles. I regret nothing.

I've changed my mind. I'm staying in Melbourne.

Let me out.
Let me out.

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