Stretching out for her evening lounge after a stressful day of lounging. Lazy bloody cat.

Why did I agree to do things for people this evening? Wtf was I thinking? I am now required to go places and do preparatory things today, before I even reach the main thingdoing event. AND it's raining. This is awful. Why do I agree to do things? It's almost always a mistake. Today is not a houseleaving day. I require more coffee. Damnit.

Looks like the tipping balance may be on Jacqui Lambie whether to increase powers to take mobile phones from people in immigration detention. She's taking a vote on how she should proceed. I'll just leave this here.

Advise Jacqui - Senator Jacqui Lambie

Wait so a "gender reveal party" is about babies? I assumed it was something totally different. Turns out you can learn something from memes.

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Farewell old friend... You've been a faithful companion :blobsad:

"Note: Photos are typical of units available, pictured item is example only."

It's alarming how often this phrase appears on second hand item listings. So you're not only trying to flog this for more than it's worth but you're too lazy to take a photo of the actual thing you're selling? Nice.

Got a nice old dawn wood vice today. The guy I bought it from was around 50 and it belonged to his grandfather. Must be around 80 years old. Super happy with it. (The engineers vice I take no responsibility for it just happened okay stop criticising me)

Built myself a workbench today. I'm quite happy with it. Solid as. Ran out of hardwood so put a 20mm plywood top on it though :-/. Oh well.

Uni started back yesterday, and apparently I still don't give a shit. I may possibly begin to give a shit next week... I'm not holding my breath though.

I loathe forced pointless registrations. Nice data validation btw

Food, meat, swearing 

Perfect lamb, perfect potatoes. Fuck I'm good

Making is an important type of thing-doing... Fixing too. It's extremely supportive of being, it makes being make more sense. It's world-grounding and achievement-feeling. Making is also connection-building, through place-going where the making type of thing-doers tend to be. Yes. All of the things.

Today's jam

Captain Beefheart and his magic band - China pig

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These dyson battery powered vacuums are total shit. It's all marketing hype. This model at least. It sounds all powerful and stuff but it doesn't actually pick much up. It fits into corners but doesn't actually clean them effectively. A lot of stuff just gets pushed around. It only picks stuff up in the forward direction as well... Which I find extremely frustrating. It seems to work okay on rugs so maybe carpet is better, but on tiled floor it's complete trash. More impressed with $49 no name.

Ancient cat has been in exactly the same position for around 8 hours. Just had to check she was actually still alive :-/. Yep. Just really REALLY comfortable :-)

I have a bunch of reclaimed hardwood (house frame) 75x50 mm. I was hoping to use it to build a chookhouse and run... But we're in the tropics and there are huge issues with termites and other borers. Wondering if anyone knows some good treatments to make the wood last outside and repel pests that isn't too toxic. None of the wood will be buried, will be slightly off the ground. Would I be better to just use treated pine and save the wood for something else?

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