All of the tragedies and difficulties of life and the memories and plans and thoughts and in the moment there are leaves falling from a tree

Wait wait wait.... You mean I have to "work" in various "jobs" my whole life? Who the fuck decided this was a good idea. Something needs to be done about this. It's an intolerable and grossly unjust state of affairs. I demand a utopian society immediately! Somebody, anybody, fix it! Help! Fuck!

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Yes please, I'd love to head up to the roof of a car park to climb into an aircraft run by a company that views regulations as inconvenient restraints upon its profits and is flown by an independent contractor for less than minimum wage. Sign me the fuck up. Five stars.

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Should I quit my job and go study computer and network engineering?

I hate my job. I hate it so much. I can't describe how much I hate working. It's eroding away at my pathetic sense of self. I feel as if someone has drilled a hole in me and everything has leaked out and all that's left is pain and exhaustion.

Austudy. And I'll be surrounded by 18 year olds. Mainly austudy.

lortsmith animal Hospital has an ice cream vending machine in their waiting room. Absolutely wonderful. I'm not even resentful about having paid $4.80 for an almond magnum. I might buy another one. Icecream is great. Hooray for icecream.

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Hey y'all, Fedilab is doing a poll about implementing a feature to see if someone blocked you. This is a bad idea and is only good for stalking people, it's private data.

Please vote no on it (this toot is an answer to that vote)
Boosts appreciated

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An in-browser desktop os that's.. just... I don't even know.

I have two outfits. My work clothes, and my trackies. My work clothes are uncomfortable and bulky, my trackies are soft and warm and baggy. I'll be DAMNED if ANYONE is going to tell me it's "inappropriate" to wear my trackies out to dinner, or to a funeral. I spend 9 hours a day earning the right to be comfortable. They can all get fucked. Also dogs are great.

Work work work work work work work work WORK WORK work work workworkworkwrokwkorwokr

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"I wouldn't vote greens because they are not going to win"

These people make me want to kill myself

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