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The downsides of a world with billionaires in it are well-rehearsed: billionaires can convert their vast wealth to power, and use that power to turn their whims and pet theories into policy failures that affect millions - or even billions - of people.

Take Bill Gates. Forget all the conspiracy theories about Gates and vaccines - it's bizarre that people bother to make up those fairy-tales when the truth is so much worse.


Once I “finish” the current feature screenplay, thinking about diving back into my novel. Then again, that damn pilot is looking tempting and probably only requires a few weeks of serious effort to get it to an interesting place.

Getting some fresh air and sunshine amongst the trees. Perking up a bit.

Psych Meds, Mental Health 

Almost two weeks now on escitalopram and I’m really starting to fall into the “fuck this noise” camp. Tired and apathetic wasn’t really what I was shooting for.


My recurring web3 frustration: I say "Yes!" to user control, creator economy, and new ownership models that undermine the big tech data oligopoly.

But I'm 100% convinced you're better off doing those without blockchain/crypto, and certainly without unregistered securities.

Looks like I've got myself a feline writing partner. I think the idea of having otherworldly screeching sounds interrupt my protagonist's movement is a bold an interesting choice.

Upsides of making crepes at home: delicious, cost effective, and convenient.

Downside: you just keeping eating them alternating between sweet and savory until you run out of batter. In my case, that about 4 crepes.

Rewatched the documentary Bauhaus Spirit: 100 Years of Bauhaus the other night. It’s one of those documentaries that really illustrates how the ideas for a better, more interesting, and sustainable word have been floating among us all along, but the forces of inertia and small thinking have kept us on a path towards oblivion.

@EMStoveken it's maddening sometimes to talk to white cultural Christians, even atheists and leftists, because their worldview is so narrow.

CuisineLibre is a French language site that features public domain and creative commons recipes for making food. You can follow them at:

➡️ @CuisineLibre (in French)

The website is at

Note, the recipes may include pictures of meat dishes. However, the site also has plenty of vegan and vegetarian recipes too.

#CuisineLibre #FoodAndDrink #Food #Recipes #Recipe #PublicDomain #CreativeCommons #PD #CC #Français #Francais #French

Anyone else worried that the bird site exodus has stalled out?

Every so often I get hooked on a fiction podcast. Right now, it’s “Midnight Burger.” Doesn’t have me quite as obsessed as “Alice Isn’t Dead” or “Rabbits” did, but I’m enjoying the hell out of it.

Pop Culture Question of the Day: What piece of media always puts you in mind of another completely unrelated piece of media?

For me, the song “How Bizarre” by OMC always brings up the 3 issue story “Cotton Candy Autopsy” from the comic series Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children.

I have not reasonable explanation for this connection.

For anyone going to direct actions or protests here is my protest checklist™️

- Wear all black
- Cover your face
- Don't bring a phone, if you must:
- Lock your phone with pin or password
- Disable any "smart unlock" feature
- Don't bring ID of any kind
- Don't bring payment cards of any kind
- Bring cash, water, and food
- Bring an umbrella
- Inform yourself about the protests' lawyer and write their phone # on your arm with permanent marker; if there is none:
- Make sure you know of a decent lawyer and do the same
- DO NOT TALK TO THE POLICE, if you get arrested, say you want your lawyer, nothing else

US Politics 

We’re seeing the inevitable results of this disparity.

And it’s going to get worse.

And the party of the better angels and lofty ideals is going to continue to let it get worse.

Voting the lesser evil is still important. But they need to stop trying to win over five mythical centrists in Peoria and figure out how to maintain the turnout that only COVID was able to spark in 2020, & activate the 80 million voters who stay home.

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US Politics 

1 side is always cooking up red meat for low information voters to maintain enthusiasm from a base it has no intention of helping.

The other relies on lofty ideals and a level of political engagement that millions of potential voters literally can’t afford.

1 side embraces its most radical groups as legislative shock troops and a literal armed militia.

The other side will demonizes any member with the nerve to demand anything more than 1-step-forward-2-steps-back incrementalism.

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US Politics 

So, one side continuously treats governance as a winner take all war where the only acceptable outcome is the total destruction of the other side.

The other side continues to insist on appealing to the non-existent better angels of their bloodthirsty rivals and is willing to constantly kneecap itself in the interest of such imaginary notions as civility and cooperation.

Seeing as it’s our First Friday here figured might as well add a P between those Fs and make it a #FirstPageFriday

Halstein Bay
Hour Long Horror Pilot
Written by Mike Bell & Tyrone Breaux Jr.

Anyone else wanna play along?


Realized I didn’t answer my own question. Think I might go with the movie Amateur by Hal Hartley. It’s stylistically in my indie film sweet spot and also has a killer soundtrack.

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