@scully Surreal. Literally a moment before I read this I had to swat some ants off my foot while sitting in my yard.

Shaking Gmail for real communications is my next untethering step. What service(s) out there are worth looking into?

@uxintro In light of the Nebraska Facebook situation, this is important stuff. I’m trying to get my people off the major networks, but inertia is a bitch. Maybe now that Meta has basically outed itself as an arm of the theocratic police state, we’ll see some real motion.

I'm sure most who see this probably don't need to be told this stuff, but this is a really good discussion about online security...


@mike Well done! I’m about halfway through a single importantish task, and have already grabbed a seat in the shade to screw around online.

In my defense, it is the first day of my weekend.

Facebook, abortion, police state 

Well, Meta/FB is now officially helping cops prosecute people for getting abortions. Sharing chats (not even public posts) with the oppressors to help them establish their case.
This should definitively lead to more people coming over to the Fediverse.

Just rewatched Jodorowsky's Santa Sangre. It's not as iconic as El Topo or The Holy Mountain, and it comes perilously close to self-parody at times, but it is such a delightful fever dream of a movie.

My Top 3 are probably:
Concrete Blonde - Live in Brazil
Living Colour - The Paris Concert
Leonard Cohen - Live in Dublin

Pop Culture Question of the Day: What are your favorite live albums?

I’m really starting to think that I use my characters as tools in service to my stories, and that my stories are not an extension of my characters. Are there screenwriter or authors who have had success with this style or am I doomed?

NGL, having my bracket in first place is the meaningless half-assed validation I kind of needed at the moment.

here is the field for the 1997 #MovieBowl 

@derek Intriguing bracket. I put in my prediction based as much on online pedantry and nostalgia as any sense of quality. Though my love of Lost Highway probably clouded my judgement.

Or maybe I’m just bored at the laundromat. Or perhaps, we need to combine laundromats with art spaces. A place where one can do laundry AND print incendiary manifesto flyers.

Of course, the dilemma there is that the very reason that mono-purpose spaces such as laundromats, public transport, or a mindless day job are so conducive to creative thought is that we are freed from the burden of creation. Tasked only with laundering, riding , or toil we can commune with the muse without spooking them

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I feel like I’m having one of those transformative little phases. You know the ones, those swings that fill one a near manic desire to smash the current paradigm and fire up a revolution no matter how small? I feel the Dadaist urge to wrest the new gods from the firmament and hold them accountable for their many sins. I want to start an art collective specializing in bespoke Molotov cocktails, print pamphlets on the art of the perfect grilled cheese, and stage a Grand Guignol.

@ljwrites And that, to me, is the hallmark of a great zine. I remember BITD reading stuff from all over the spectrum. Even the material that didn't resonate with me, I could feel the passion and thought behind the ideas. The regurgitated propaganda that passes for discourse these days is just sad.

@ljwrites Thank you for sharing this! I can’t help but find it serendipitous as just last night I was lining for the days when it seemed that zines were everywhere. Bold ideas and strange thoughts literally just blowing in the wind waiting for people to snatch them up.

Nothing like a burst water heater tank to remind you that your basement should not be used as an oubliette of clutter.

Think I’m going to (?) from the Tromadance film festival tonight. We’ll see.

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