US Pol, Abortion, Idiocy, Doom 

Watching electoral history repeat itself yet again.

The Democratic Party is once again looking at a crushing strategic and tactical loss as the magic bullet that will mobilize voters without them having to move from their cushy status-quo preserving pedestals.

They again fail to recognize that (statistically) every Abortion Rights voter is already holding their nose and pulling the donkey lever whenever they can...


US Pol, Abortion, Idiocy, Doom 

This is a party that is so terrified of failure that they NEVER dare attempt for anything resembling success.

Their entire platform continues to be vague promises of damage control; offering themselves as little more than a rickety bulwark against an aggressive and well coordinated wave of fascism.

The prospect of trying to assemble an agenda that can excite and motivate street level voters terrifies them so much that they actively ostracize those who try...

US Pol, Abortion, Idiocy, Doom 

I'm already seeing it roll out hard over on the birbsite: well meaning liberals once again armchair quarterbacking the 2016 election.

Browbeating progressives that they are utterly convinced cost Clinton that election and put the tangerine dumpster fire in the White House.

Bitter Leftists are outnumbered by the millions who stayed home because the Democrats assumed victory and refused to meet people where they lived.

They're pulling out that same playbook again.

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