With the impending Musk-opalypse over on birdsite, I'm accelerating my extrication from that mess. Main thing I use for that place for is the community. So I'm sending a message out into the 'verse: Any (s) out there looking to connect?


This is wonderful and I hope all the #Screenwriting people will connect (unfortunately docfilm here).

I am myself writing a Fediverse software (so that you can do a movie together :) - may I ask you for a favour?
In the past days I was working on the vocabulary to define Roles and Relations in Movie making.
See (-> 0112, search not working yet) –
unfortunately I am a german speaker and all sources are english.

Is "Screenplay" the same than "Screenwriter"?
What is the difference to "Script" and "Scenario Writer".

@sl007 @EMStoveken

Do you post updates? I would really like to see such a piece of software. 😁

@Trent @EMStoveken

Yes. The whole update process is based on the concept called "chaos".
Based on the assumption that the frequent meetings with other devs will finally give us a rather _generic_ ActivityPub server with nice query capabilities.
So, the code is all for the client:
All the widgets/modules go to and currently working on an to get and cache every link, like media incl. all metadata and also webpages as ActivityPub markup.
Then will finish the widgets and begin to post/toot updates but at @redaktor

@sl007 Sounds like an interesting project! To answer your questions “Screenplay” is the text written by a “Screenwriter” so they are different things. “Script” is another word for “Screenplay.” “Scenario Writer” is not, to my knowledge, a commonly used term in filmmaking. “Scenario” refers to an idea for a situation, one might use scenarios in improvisation or interactive media such as a table top game, but not really film.


Ah, that helped a lot.
Got it exactly wrong :)
Will be fixed today, forgot to follow, done now :)

There is much other software based on the same protocol and I would just hope that devs. talk more to each other, we have a monthly meeting. Hope you are also aware of #peertube (for videos) …

@sl007 Glad to be of some assistance. I had not heard of but will definitely be checking it out.


You highlighted a really underlying issue.
The idea of the vocab and cool underlying is that you can simply follow "Screenwriter" and discover others by this.
So, anything there is an `Actor` and it should really document and distinct between e.g. `Person` and Actors which are also an `Object`, like Screenplay …

PS: Always curious what the Screenwriters-Community would expect from a Content Managing Fediverse software :)
What we really need is a general Fediverse explainer video. From the Conf we made there is the video by @derek and maybe we can do this without the politics (yes, everything is politics) but like for a kid in the 80s expecting A-Team to happen (well, or whatever never kids expect …)

@EMStoveken Not writing *specifically* for the screen, but my latest iteration of my eternally-ongoing project happens to take script form. Thinking about getting the old #SageAndSavant crew back together, do a #podcast, and hope I can kickstart a comic/graphic novel out of it.

@EMStoveken I am. And the very same reason as you - flying from the birdcage

@EMStoveken I've just completed my first feature length screenplay. Bouncing from the 'Bird Cage' for the same reasons.

@seawildearth Welcome and congratulations on the screenplay! What kind of stuff do you write?

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