Working vacation in New Orleans. The trick is to use my rental’s kitchen and not bankrupt myself at the 37 amazing restaurants within walking distance.

...local businesses, but it that is part of a broader conversation about how we structure our economy.

Still, it was good to mask up and get out there. People are generally behaving themselves, and maybe taking the time to more thoroughly savor the pleasures of the season.

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So the family did some of our traditional autumn activities in the new socially distant reality, and this take may be a bit controversial but it the necessary precautions actually make the experience more pleasant than in recent years.

Our orchard was doing timed admissions for pick-your-own which reduced the crowds to pre-everyone discovering our place on Yelp size. People are (generally) more mindful of space and traffic flow.

Of course, there is the question of how this impacts these small

Toying with revamping my current WIP to fit a recent call for pitches. It's risky in a few different ways, but every bit of success and interest I've had with screenplay has been the result of some wildly irresponsible bullshit.

I've been working my way through Red Oaks on Amazon Prime. It's an odd 80's period piece set amidst the staff of a country club in suburban Jersey in 1985/86.

Weirdly stacked line up of directors for this show: Hal Hartley, Amy Heckerling, Gregg Araki, David Gordon Green.

It manages to transcend what could easily be a basic snobs vs slobs cliche. Definitely walks the line between trope and cliche on occasion but the performances and direction carry the day nicely.

The thing I just retooted is pretty astonishing:

Hungry men can sense magnetic fields when under a blue sky:

There is a boatload of evolutionary steps hidden in that sentence.

I was thinking about Howard the Duck, as one does.

The table scene at the BBQ/Sushi joint is low key the funniest part of the movie. It's as if the writer(s) knew that they were cramming in a ridiculous exposition dump and decided to lighten the rest of the scene with a bunch of relatively quick fire jokes, The waitress was an unheralded MVP re: the timing and pacing of the sequence.

Politics, Tr-mp, Conspiracy drivel 

So Tr-mp has been "diagnosed with" Covid.

The angel & devil on my shoulder debate only how much he should suffer before losing reelection mightily as his life of deception is truly revealed.

Another part of me fears this is a ruse. An excuse to get out of the remaining debates, while experiencing mild "symptoms" that allow him to downplay the risk of the disease and calling to defund mitigation efforts and "put America back to work."

Time will tell.

In search of a small cast, low budget suspense/horror movies with grounded sci-fi elements, like Pi or a creepy version of Primer. Looking to immerse myself in cadences and tone.

Any suggestions welcome.

I think my new format for social media posts is going to be posting on here, then just copy and pasting a link to the platforms family and friends currently use. Give people a chance to see what we have going on over here.

So my recently completed screenplay is a "one wild night" comedy in the vein of After Hours or Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist.

Moving on to a sci-fi tinged low budget horror thriller that might be compared to Pi or maybe Primer by way of early Cronenberg.

Looking for to help me get in the groove re: beats and transitions and pacing.

Any suggestions?

Celebrated the completion of my latest screenplay in the best way possible, by cracking open another WIP and getting back to work.

That's a uniquely happening. Just received a follow request from someone wishing for me to follow them. Dude doesn't follow me, which on other platforms would be a reasonable way to bring yourself to another user's attention.


Is that a Fediverse thing?

While strolling down memory lane of projects past, thought it would be fun to post the link to the first incarnation of my literary broadsheet, Loquacious Placemat.

I'm slowly getting things in place for a relaunch some time in 2021. The hope is to make it a paying market, and avoid what must be an unholy slushpile situation fueled by quarantine.

The original run only lasted three issues but features a murderers row of talent, many of whom went on to bigger things.

Posting some older paintings. This one is a little mixed media action. The blue shape is made of broken glass that was then painted. Acrylic on board.

Latest screenplay first draft completed and first copy editing pass done. Going to stick it in a drawer for a few days before going through for a laughs per page punch up.

I am a writer and dilettante, a jack of all trades hoping to master a few before all is said and done.

I'm planning to curate this account/feed towards the arts and media.

Looking to connect with other writers of unusual fiction. My influences include Mark Leyner, Leonora Carrington, Tom Robbins, Donald Barthleme, Hunter S. Thompson, Steven Millhauser, etc.

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