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I’ve been away awhile and the incoming tide justifies a new post. I’m a writer, amateur painter, and traveler.
I’m geographically American, politically left, artistically varied though with a clearly eccentric disposition.
I seek to focus my social media diet around and the arts. I work to avoid politics because it lowers my opinion of humanity too much.
I’m studying French and like reading posts in French to try and improve.

Folks, USpol right now is extremely bad and I'm very unhappy about it.

Went back to some #90s #music on YT; stumbled into the uncomfortable realization that Powerman 5000 is basically Dad Rock nowadays

US Pol, Abortion, Idiocy, Doom 

I'm already seeing it roll out hard over on the birbsite: well meaning liberals once again armchair quarterbacking the 2016 election.

Browbeating progressives that they are utterly convinced cost Clinton that election and put the tangerine dumpster fire in the White House.

Bitter Leftists are outnumbered by the millions who stayed home because the Democrats assumed victory and refused to meet people where they lived.

They're pulling out that same playbook again.

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US Pol, Abortion, Idiocy, Doom 

This is a party that is so terrified of failure that they NEVER dare attempt for anything resembling success.

Their entire platform continues to be vague promises of damage control; offering themselves as little more than a rickety bulwark against an aggressive and well coordinated wave of fascism.

The prospect of trying to assemble an agenda that can excite and motivate street level voters terrifies them so much that they actively ostracize those who try...

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US Pol, Abortion, Idiocy, Doom 

Watching electoral history repeat itself yet again.

The Democratic Party is once again looking at a crushing strategic and tactical loss as the magic bullet that will mobilize voters without them having to move from their cushy status-quo preserving pedestals.

They again fail to recognize that (statistically) every Abortion Rights voter is already holding their nose and pulling the donkey lever whenever they can...

uspol + other countries’ politics 

I am so sorry for all the people in the US impacted by the news. It was expected, but it still hurts.

To those who live in other countries: Please, please, please keep an eye on what fascists and white Christian supremacists are saying and doing in your own country. They are taking notes of what has worked in their favour in the USA and will do anything they can to apply it to your local political scene.

“Surprisingly tolerable jam band” may not sound like a ringing endorsement, but I’m kind of grooving on these dudes.

Once again trying that thing where I walk the line between becoming a legend or a cautionary tale.

Can anyone recommend some good foley work resources and/or tutorials? Thinking about experimenting with recording an audio drama, and would like to avoid my usual tendency to re-invent the wheel.

Open call for obsolete sounds! This project is really fascinating. They're requesting recordings of sounds from our environment, old tech, etc. that are no longer commonplace and then those will be reimagined by sound artists "to draw attention to the world’s disappearing soundscapes."

One of my favorite local bands, This Way to the Egress, ended up playing at the park near my house. I was lucky enough to be by an open window and managed to haul ass to the park in time to catch the last half hour of their set. Good times.

House cleaning is an odd phenomenon for me in that sometimes I am simply taken with the spirit, so to speak, and become and unstoppable cleaning machine. Today is apparently one such day in spite of the 80+ degree temps with 70% humidity.

Folks, I'm about to write a women-led comedy feature. More witty than gross on the humor side...

I've never written a comedy feature, but this story WANTS to be written and I need it outta my brain.

What films should I watch to help get my brain in the zone?

Think I cracked the nut on my current WIP. Janky third act has fallen into place. A few backwards ripples that give me a chance to enhance earlier scenes. Also gives a boost and more agency to a character that I really like, but didn’t originally give much to do.

Been having a hell trying to focus on getting writing done the last couple of weeks. But the house is clean, had a nice outing with the family this morning and afternoon. I’ve got high hopes for the late afternoon into the evening.

Anyone want to hold me accountable and demand pages of me?

Walking home after dropping my car off at the shop. Took a different route than usual and it is genuinely breathtaking the sheer number of law office in this town.

…the vetting process is somehow so bad that NOTHING manages to break big, the optics of this audacious gambit are infinitely better than making some Razzie nominated dreck that no one asked for.

Even screening and promotion can be local/regional at first. Hometown premieres with cast and crew, test audiences across the country, with the most well received movies making their way to broader and broader distribution.

I don’t know. It’s late and I’m tired, but I think this would fascinating.

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And it’s almost a pure win for the studio(s) that undertake such a project. One Blair Witch, Big Fat Greek Wedding, or Paranormal Activity out of the lot would make the nut.

You discover the next Taika Waititi, Jane Campion, James Gunn, or some long lost Duplass brother, and that’s more money in the bank.

By making the films largely outside of the Hollywood bubble, you’re casting a massive net for talent on all sides of the camera.

And if, by some chance…

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What would such a model/ecosystem look like?

And strange as it may seem, I think what Hollywood needs right now is what professional sports call a farm system.

Imagine if instead of making some middling pseudo-spin-off for $75M that money was used to fund 25 films from unknown filmmakers across the country?

There are hundreds if not thousands of filmmakers out there making movies for functionally no money. A budget of 500k - 3M (+support, guidance, and oversight) would be game changing…

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So a recent post got me thinking about the Next Big Thing in feature films when we eventually move beyond the current glut of comic book movies. (HT to @jrorci)

My immediate thought on the issue was that the current movie going experience is just so big and expensive that the average person feels like need to see a BIG movie to justify the experience.

I said we need a resurgence of smaller theatres and a distribution model to support them.

This got me thinking…

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