How to connect in a new city during corona? Sport?

Guy just peed on a bulk of power cables behind a food truck.

Live fast, die young, isn't it?

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Do you have a firstname-lastname ? What do you use for ? Should I switch from contact to mail?

But it's clear it's used for mail, so stating that is not neccessary.

Someone build a bed for themselves? Do you want to share your creation?

Gonna start a new job: Do we also need a new spleen?

Someone goes music festival in germany this year?

Tried V-Rising. It's way too much crafting, isn't it?

Spending three-four hours at Göttingen this night, had a delay of one oft my trains. Guess someone is going to eat a lot of french fries this night

Why is page that old/ugly?

Just do a bunch of screenshots and a list, first impressions count.

Which company/model do you prefer for a linux laptop? Why?

Tried linux on not optimized laptops a bunch of times and it was never a good experience.

Someone here goes to German festival this summer?

There is just an old white guy with me in the train part, not wearing a mask. I should definately fart more often, since he doesn't care about others

is hot and chaotic.

Trees and less cars are the way to go.

Right now, I guess I'm moving to . Do you like ?

Do they have tasty dishes?

How big should a be at least to live on it permanently?

I do think of something like 9x3m, also to stand upright most of the time would be a big plus (1,80+10cm I guess).

Having a shower on board would be sweet indeed.

Why the frozen hell every pic here is nfsw, but it's not?

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