This is Phizzy.

Phizzy is being cute and sweet because it's dinner time soon.

Phizzy is a clever girl.

This is Pi.

Pi is kneading my belly because it's dinner time soon.

It doesn't work that way Pi!

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This is Phizzy.

Phizzy has one favourite toy, and pretends she's a kitten again when she plays with it.

The toy may or may not contain catnip.

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Suit of armour - part 3 Show more

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Late night entertainment.

Pi watching Mr .
Just seen behind and below Mr Fish is Dwayne "The " Johnson and on the far right, near the top of the tank, is Jenga .

Not seen on the left (second pic), are the two Dingas and Dongas (getting it on while the lights are low).

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I don't wanna leave. You can't make me leave.

/stamps foot

This little fellow keeps flying on to the top of my phone, chirping gently, then flying off again.

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