This is Phizzy. Phizzy loves her brother Pi, and she shows him this regularly by grooming him.

This is Pi. Pi loves his little sister and gets comfort from being close to her.

We're all a little bit like Pi.

alt-text: 2 cats curled up on a couch. One, Pi, is resting against the legs of the other, Phizzy. Both cats are looking up at the camera.

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This little princess is usually in bed by now, but is keeping me company while I catch up on all the movies I need to see before Avengers Endgame.

This is Phizzy.

Phizzy is asleep. It's after midnight and Phizzy needs to catch up on her 22 hours of sleep for today.

Phizzy is going to be upset in a moment because she's gone to sleep on my side of the bed and hates being disturbed.

Phizzy will forgive me though; I'm the giver of treats and provider of warm laps.

This is Pi.

Pi is asleep. It's after midnight and Pi needs to catch up on his 22 hours of sleep today.

Pi has a big day planned tomorrow.

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This is Phizzy.

I made the mistake of lying down for a minute, and I am now stuck.

I am owned.

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Emergency stop work meeting.

This cat needed pats.

(This cat was feral and has adopted us.)

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Sitting at the vet with Electra the platy.

Not what I thought my Sunday afternoon would be like!

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