I'm about to get 2 large wooden planters delivered, 2mx45cmx55cm.

They'll sit against a colourbond fence with some kind of trellis at the back. It will get shaded/direct sun until about 3pm.

First challenge is, what do I fill them with?


Not sure what I'm going to put in them yet, maybe some food cross, but most likely flowing/green stuff.

Cats will use the soil and hide under the foliage.

@Andrea I used to buy cheap bags of horse poo and bales of lucerne hay and layer them, plus dig in my compost. Pretty cost-effective and full of nutrients for vegies.

@koosli yeah, I'm thinking I should be doing layers, if only for the drainage.

@Andrea With my raised beds I put a bunch of wood/sticks I had around the place as the bottom drainage layer.
After that I just did vegie mix, plain potting mix, and what little compost I had at that point.

Did really well with tomatoes and beans/peas. Pretty much everything else just grew lots of leaves, then it's fruit died in the heat ☹️

@Andrea come to think of it, I reckon I have a bookmark for a layer breakdown somewhere. I plan to build a couple of winter beds under the grape vines. I’ll see if I can find for you

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