Time for one of these again, I guess.

I'm a middle-aged (gen-x), (Aus) woman working in IT. Politically left-leaning (small L liberal), . I have opinions. I may or may not share them.

I'm interested in

And a heap of other things. Mostly I toot about my cats though. reads your profile and intro

How have we not met already?

Hello, I, too, was raised by cats, I am interested in many of the things on your list and I too have Opinions!

@aldersprig hello! I am a short woman who wears long skirts and wields powertools.

2 cats, no husband, although I do have history of one. :/ powertools are the best!

Also cats are pretty best.

Husbands are far more variable.

But I love the swish swish swish of long skirts.

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