I don't mean this negatively about any of the shows mentioned, but just realised that Discovery's design choices make a huge amount of sense when you view it as a sequel to Enterprise, and not as a prequel to TOS.

@mike I need to go back and watch Enterprise again. Not sure I've actually seen all of them. 😱

@Andrea it's not a bad series, but it's kinda frustrating to watch as it got shut down just as it was finding its feet.

@mike @Andrea
I agree. #STEnterprise gets a lot of flack, but especially its last season was getting quite enjoyable.
The temporal cold war itself didn't quite do it for me, and the Xindi arc perhaps was a tad too long, though I do appreciate them trying out arcs longer than a few episodes again; it's imho part of what made DS9 great.
Unfortunately they didn't quite evolve their characters as well as DS9 did.
But yeah, near the end it was finding its own path, and then got cut short. :(

@FiXato @mike I have opinions about

I finished it solely because I'm a completist.

@Andrea The world would be a boring place if we all shared the same opinions. ;)
I for one still have to finish #TOS because I'm a completionist too. I'm hoping it gets less grating after the first season...
I don't mind camp, but combined with the dated graphics, it just is harder to watch than I imagined...


@FiXato Ha, when I watched it wasn't dated graphics. πŸ˜‰

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