I don't mean this negatively about any of the shows mentioned, but just realised that Discovery's design choices make a huge amount of sense when you view it as a sequel to Enterprise, and not as a prequel to TOS.

@mike I need to go back and watch Enterprise again. Not sure I've actually seen all of them. 😱

@Andrea it's not a bad series, but it's kinda frustrating to watch as it got shut down just as it was finding its feet.

@mike I think I watched the first 2 seasons shortly after release thanks to a kind guy at work who burned them for me.

Was surprised to see there were more seasons when I was perusing viewing options the other night.

@Andrea I watched season 1 when it came out and never mustered the enthusiasm for the rest until about 15 years later.


@mike I petered out somewhere in season 2.

I don't feel so bad now...

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